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What is a hookah and how do you use one?


What is a hookah and how do you use one?

A hookah can seem like quite the complicated construction, with all those hoses and attachments. So, we can imagine that you might need some explanation if you have never set up a hookah before. It is also important that you do this properly and responsibly, otherwise the hookah will not work properly and you will use it incorrectly.

What do you need?

Step 1 is to gather everything you need. If you are looking to purchase a new hookah, check out the luxurious hookahs by AmyDeluxe. First of all, you need a hookah itself. In addition, you will need: a coal burner and coals, hookah tongs and hookah tobacco or stones. Got everything you need? Then you can get to work setting up the hookah. 

Burning coals

The best place to start during the set-up process is the burning of the coals. This process takes a while, which is why it is best to start here. While this is going on, you can continue the rest of the set-up. To burn the coals, start by turning on the coal burner. This is where you put the coals. You can see that the coals are glowing when they are grey and red hot. 

Setting up the rest of the hookah

When you are burning the coals, you can continue with setting up the hookah itself. First, fill the vase that sits at the bottom of the hookah with water. The vase certainly does not have to be completely full, but can be filled to about half full with water. Then you connect the middle piece to the vase, and to the middle piece you install the hookah hose. Inhale once through one of the hoses to check that the hose is not hanging in the water of the vase. If the water bubbles and no water enters the hose when inhaling, the water level is good.

Filling the tobacco cup

When this is all done, you can start filling the tobacco cup. Fill the tobacco cup with tobacco or pebbles up to a few millimetres below the rim. Leave the middle of the tobacco cup a little free so that some air can get through and you will have a better smoking experience. Finally, put a bit of aluminium foil over the tobacco cup and poke holes in it. 

Cabbages warm? Smoke away!

Are your coals red hot by now? Good, then your smoking experience can almost start. Place the coals on the sealed tobacco cup. Note that you don’t need 6 coals, but that 3 coals per shisha is enough. To light the shisha now, inhale several times in quick succession. You activate the tobacco or pebbles, after which they burn out on their own. Finished smoking? Then make sure everything has cooled down well before you dispose of it and clean the shisha properly once in a while to keep your shisha longer.

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