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4 Top App Design Trends that can Make your Audience Sit Back and Take Notice of it

Businesses look for an app that can do justice with their brand and offer something great to their current and potential customers. But it is not that easy as it sounds. App users look for a design that is more related to the current trends. But not every app can look as modern as with design and its UI/UX matters a lot. 

Businesses certainly can’t design by themselves and that’s why they look for something that can’t work for them in the long run. Businesses established in big metropolitan cities like Toronto have to be one step ahead of their competition.

Go through this blog as I discuss four design trends that are in vogue nowadays and can make an app work perfectly for any product or service.

1. Visuals that are Easy on the Eyes

Rituals related to an app must work for it in the first few seconds, otherwise, it can be game over for it even before a person can install it on his device. While the UI/UX of an app must be impeccable, it is the visuals that a person looks at, for example, the home screen or the menu, so that the user gets hooked on to it. Certainly, it is not easy to get there for every app developer and that’s why the input from the company can make a difference.

The design is simply beautiful but the overall experience of using it must also complement it. Nowadays with so many beautiful smartphones, we admire the design and experience of using it all day and share it in our social circles. So, when most of us look for a new mobile app, the visual experience must be taught not so that it can work well with the phone. Just imagine a person using iPhone 12 Pro Max and he comes across a mobile app that looks like it was made a decade ago. Surely most people will refrain from using it even if it is not using that app even if it is offering him great help.

The user is comfortable with the experience of the app and is also related to reducing eye strain. A person using an app and enjoying it will not look at some of the blemishes it offers and will ignore them.  In this way, the designer can do something that can make his app work wonders. The use of natural colors and a simple layout can also be a factor in the success of an app. 

2. The Swiping Experience 

This is where the UI/UX aspects of an app come into play. We all love to swipe and use virtually all these creams available on mobile apps. The swapping experience is one of the biggest advantages of a mobile app over a desktop. It’s an easy way to go through everything being offered to you and the experience has changed considerably over the years. And that’s where during 2021 and beyond this will continue to change and amaze the end-users.

 There are plenty of approaches that a designer can use to make the swipe experience more convenient and fun. This is taken to turning the page and a book the experience we get just like on a Kindle device must be replicated. Some of the other factors that can make this happen are touch screen experience on a smartphone. Though only Apple and the high-end Samsung phones offer great features in this regard and other phones like in this department. But still, the app developer can try to make it work optimally.

3. Apt Use of Shadows and Layering 

The use of shadows and layering can make a website stand out and so does an app. But when a designer is trying to work on a website, he has lots of space to work on. But on mobile apps, there is limited scope and that is why businesses hire app developer that can make this aspect work perfectly for any product or service. 

Nowadays not just anything can work for an app because even in this category users look for something that is a piece of art rather than a mediocre design. Out of millions of apps available on Google Play and App Store, only a handful of them make the users feast their eyes with spectacular design and experience. There fore developer need to focus on each and everything like game design, Logo, and what are user requirement, according to it they need to develop the game.

Using shadows to your advantage isn’t easy because just a little bit that is required will make the app look dark. But some subtle shadows are in vogue and that is why designers must know how to make this happen. Strong shadows and contrast between two pictures or any other graphic can make visual depth very easy and something to marvel at. An effective technique is to layer your elements with parts overlapping each other. This can give shadows to your layers and add a new dimension to the app, rather than just run-of-the-mill stuff that we see on most of the apps.

4. Playing with the Angles 

Some of my readers are still ok with apps using just the average angles everyone sees on a mobile app. But gone are the days of making an app for which design is copybook stuff. Nowadays you need to take risks and offer something out of the box, literally. You may think that this phrase has been used extensively so that it has become a cliche, but it is important to know you are working on something that can excite your users. Another boring app is the last thing on the mind of the users. 

Playing with angles needs to be done by the designer otherwise it will look like an amateurish one. Incorporating unusual angles in your mobile app to create exceptional graphics and use them on different screens, even the login and menu, can make a real difference. Think about using some unusual angles to make an image look extremely catchy rather than make it look average. Also, several options can be highlighted by the use of great angels that can work wonders for an app. 

Traditional designs don’t work anymore as anything that is out of the ordinary gets our attention. It may be hard to understand, but an app developed by the top mobile app development company in Toronto can offer something dynamic. The deft use of angles can make even an ordinary app come to life with users who like to explore further. Something novel is better than the average stuff but it takes some skilled developers to work diligently here for a terrific result. 

Over to you         If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog, I want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below

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