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5 different Approaches you can opt to level up in New World game

There’s no fun in a game if you don’t level up faster. We all have to admit that it is pretty boring to be stuck in just one level for a long time. If you’re facing the same boredom in the New World game, then here are 5 approaches you can use to level up in the game. Freshcasinobonus Let us check them out.

  1. Rest in a settlement

When you are logging off from the game and done for the day, make sure that your character is in a settlement. During the resting period in the settlements, you will get free resting XP bonus points. So that is literally new world power levelling up without even taking any efforts. It is one of the easier ways to move up the level ladder in the game.

  • Complete the main as well as side quests

You simply cannot move ahead in a game without completing the quests and tasks. There are both main as well as side quests. If you are at a lower level, then you naturally and automatically get many points when you complete the quests and then jump to the next levels. Along with the main tasks like battles, finding treasures and helping your mates, there are several other side quests. They give lesser points but they sure do add up to your total score and help you level up.

  • Help others in their fights

This is a low-key way to add a few points to your score. During your own journey, if you see another player of a team fighting solo against their own enemies, you can always join in and help them in defeating the enemy. You don’t even have to spend too much time in there; just one quick hit and you’re good to go. One hit will get you XP bonus and you won’t even be stealing from that player. They will get their own score and you will get a small due for your hit.

  • PvP missions

If you’re looking for a quick level up then pvp missions are what you should be looking for. Along with levelling up, these missions will also increase your weapon XP. The rewards are not constant. They depend on how long your opponent has been alive and fighting in the battlefield. So it all depends on you. If you put up a well and strong fight, then you can gain a huge amount of XP.

  • Travel faster

Do not waste time getting from one place to another in the game. Instead use that time to complete quests, fight more battles and gain more point. Use the fastest ways available to travel from point A to point B especially in the Aeturnum which is a pretty massive area in itself. As there is no option to fasten your base movement, you will have to look for faster means of transport to do the job.

So using these approaches you can speed up your levelling process and keep the game interesting. Share it with your beginner friends so they can enjoy the game in a better way possible as well. Happy playing!

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