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5 Different Types of Pest Control

Bugs can really bug you and your loved ones. Roaches, ants, flies, termites and the lot can be a constant menace in the home. Lubbock exterminator can help you clean your space of all pests and rodents. Pests and rodents can make your loved ones sick and uncomfortable and threaten your pets and other animals around the home.

First things first

Determining the type of pests and rodents in your home is critical. Each kind of pest has a lifecycle that determines how severe its infestation can be. It also helps you determine the most appropriate method to eliminate them. Here are different types of pest control methods.

  1. Organic pest control

Organic pest control is a natural method of eliminating and exterminating pests. Organic pest control does not use chemicals. Therefore, your home remains free from chemical smells and side effects. Organic pest control uses oils, aromas, baits, sprays, traps, and insecticidal soaps. You do not have to look over your shoulder to check on your kids’ or pets’ safety.

  • Chemical pest control

Organic pest control methods do not produce excellent results. Therefore, many people opt for chemical pest control. There are thousands of chemical pest control chemicals to exterminate pests and rodents. Chemical pest control chemicals come as solids, liquids and aerosols. Be mindful of your pests and children because some compounds in the chemicals harm humans and animals around the home.

  • Biological pest control

Biological pest control is often confused with organic pest management. Biological pest control uses living organisms that feed on pests. Biological pest control thrives on the strength of food chains in an ecosystem. For instance, you can keep cats to eliminate mice and rats in the home. Biological pest control methods are free from the use of harmful chemicals and can be effective in controlling pests and rodents.

  • Electronic pest control

Technology has developed new means of pest management.  Some of the common electronic pest control methods include:

  • Use of electromagnetic waves– electromagnetic waves shock the pests and paralyze their nervous system killing the rodents. The waves also repel crawling and flying insects.
  • Ultrasonic effect– ultrasonic effect produces high-frequency and short-length sound waves to repel insects. Pests are sensitive to sound. Consequently, the repetitive sound deters them from remaining in the surrounding.
  • Hygiene control

Hygiene pest control method is a preventive measure to keep pests and rodents out of your space. Pets and rodents feed on food remain in the kitchen, floor and counters. Hence, cleaning all food preparation and dining areas before switching the lights off is critical. Pests hide during the day and become active once you switch off the lights. Wash dishes, throw away food residue and secure your trash bin with polythene to keep pests out of your home.

Tips for keeping pests out of your home

Prevention is better than cure. Consequently, keeping pests away is easier than eliminating them once they infest your space.

  • Keep it clean-ensure your floor, working surface, and pets remain clean. Use warm soapy water to tidy your kitchen floor, sink and counters and discourage pests from breeding. Clean your pets appropriately because their fur is a perfect hiding place for fleas.
  • Ventilate-keep your windows open to allow clean and fresh air circulates in the house. Ensure the vents are clear from dust to encourage air circulation when windows are closed at night.
  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner- vacuuming can remove small pests like fleas and carpet beetles. You can vacuum regularly and remove the dust bag if you have an infestation.
  • Seal your bins- keep all your food containers airtight to discourage pests from accessing the food items. Food packets, ice cream tubs and jam jars attract ants in minutes and contaminate your food and snacks. Therefore, seal food containers and dispose of all empty tins and jars appropriately.
  • Control lighting-bugs are often attracted to light, especially at night. Therefore, draw your curtains, and shut windows and doors to discourage moths, beetles and other bugs from flying towards the light in the house.


Pests and rodents can be a menace. You can apply different pest control methods to keep your home free from these infestations. However, call a professional pest control company to help clear all pests and rodents beyond your home-applied strategies.

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