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5 Health Symptoms to Monitor as You Age

As we get older, it’s important to monitor our health and take care of anything that may be normal. Health challenges can happen as we age but monitoring our health can help us avoid disease or illness advancing. Here are some things to monitor as you get older:


Tremor symptoms

Tremors could come from various conditions. If you have recently developed shaking in your hands, you may want to make an appointment with your medical provider to determine what the cause may be. 

To determine whether your symptoms are indicative of essential tremor or Parkinson’s, enlist the help of a medical professional. While both conditions have their challenges, an essential tremor doesn’t impact your overall health like Parkinson’s does, but it does bring some challenges with it for your quality of life, so you’ll want to speak to your doctor about treatment for it. 

Colon issues

As we age, there is more of a risk for cancers, and colon cancer is something that you’ll want to start screening for as you get older. This is especially true for anyone who has a family history of colon cancer, and while you’re more than likely not going to suffer from it as you live a healthy lifestyle, it’s always best to get checked so you can get treatment early on. 

There’s a reason why many medical providers suggest colonoscopies to anyone over the age of 45. If you don’t have it yet, make sure to get health insurance today so that you can stay on top of your check ups that will make a difference in your longevity. 

Breast conditions 

It’s not normal for younger women to develop breast cancer, although it does happen. However, women over the age of 35 are more at risk of developing it, so it’s wise to start frequent screening when you start getting older. Screening for breast cancer can help you get timely treatment should lumps appear, so stay on top of monitoring your breasts.

Weight loss

Unexplained weight loss is concerning. While we often celebrate weight loss, there are times when it may be a reason to visit your doctor. As you get older, you may want to check in with your medical provider if you experience a sudden drop on the scale. 

While we typically love to see fewer pounds there, it may not be something to celebrate if it comes out of the blue. 

Heart issues

Your heart may be healthy when you’re younger but if there is a history of heart disease in your family, it’s wise to monitor it as you get older. 

If you’ve already dealt with a weak heart throughout your life, challenges may arise as you get older, so make sure you see a cardiologist every now and then to stay on top of any course of treatment you may need or to find out if you should change your diet or lifestyle for a healthier heart. 

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In Conclusion

Monitoring your health is important at any age, but this is especially true of the later years of life. While we all want to live forever, we also have to do our part to at least live a long life. From getting checked often to seeking treatment, when necessary, it’s wise to play an active role in monitoring your health so that you can continue living the life that you love, as healthy as possible. 

Keep up with your health so that you can keep up with the things that you enjoy and the people you care about. 

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