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A Complete Guide to Custom Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are the most cost-effective way to showcase your business to your target market and advertise your business, product, or service. With so many options and styles, it can be a big challenge to choose what will catch people’s attention. You don’t have to worry because this guide has all of the information you need on custom outdoor signs.


Outdoor Signs

As the name implies, outdoor signs are any type of sign placed “outside” of an establishment, venue, or any location and serving a specific purpose. Aside from marketing purposes, others are as follows:

  • To be identified of what is your business/company all about.
  • To make a statement/inform the public of your offers.
  • To provide safety and guidance.
  • To enhance the appearance of your establishment.

Why are outdoor signs essential to any type of business?

It acts as the face of your business wherein to gain loyal consumers, you must remember the saying, “first impression lasts” – especially for small businesses, this is a vital marketing tool. Outdoor signs directly send the message you want the public to act on after noticing it. They are quite flexible and can be used to accomplish a specific goal. To improve your visibility in Woburn, choose the right type of outdoor sign that can fully do its job well for your business, and perhaps every type carries some considerations.

What types of outdoor signs are suitable for my business?

The Sign Doctor manufactures a range of outdoor signs such as:

  • Storefront signs
  • Channel letters
  • Panel signs
  • Monument signs
  • Outdoor Metal signs
  • Pole and pylon signs
  • Banners and flags
  • Digital message boards

Good news! For businesses that want to attract evening or late-night crowds, almost every type of custom exterior sign can be enhanced with LED lights. 

Practical material for custom exterior signs

Whether you’re selling or announcing a new product, using one or many custom outdoor signs can be a very easy and impactful marketing tool. You can choose from these available materials from The Sign Doctor:

  • Vinyl – Due mostly to its affordability, vinyl is a particularly popular signage material for custom outdoor signs. These are usually used during elections, community events, family celebrations, and store promotions. Commercial vehicles also utilized vinyl wraps, which The Sign Doctor also are known for.
  • Metal – Outdoor metal signs are expected to be weather-resistant, solid-strong, and perfect for businesses searching for something compelling and long-lasting. This is mostly used as an outdoor office sign. Though, it’s not only being placed outside of a building, but great for indoors, as well. It’s the reason they’re so well-liked in every business – very flexible and create a sophisticated aura.
  • Wood – Have you observed city parks, hiking trails, and historical parks? Wooden outdoor signs are usually used in areas that are close to nature. It perfectly matches the earth’s tones of its aesthetic. They can also bring attention to any place, including eateries, rest areas, retail stores, gas stations, schools, and resorts. 
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is a very popular option for outdoor signs because it’s lightweight, customizable, and fireproof. This makes it ideal for any type of business since it’s also composed of metal, this makes it sturdy and great for a long-term investment.
  • Acrylic – If you’re looking for something cheap but sleek, acrylic is your best option. It has a contemporary appearance that’s usually transparent, though you also have an option to give them a fresh look using the colors of your brand and have them cut to the shape of your choice.


Every type of outdoor sign has its own strengths and we’ll be happy to offer advice and assist you in making the right decision for your Woburn company. The Sign Doctor is a full-service sign company that supplies exceptional materials and best customer support. Whether you need a new one or replenish your old rusty sign, we can help!

To receive a FREE estimate, call us right now to discuss your signage needs.

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