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5 Methods To Diversify Your Content Marketing Efforts

In the world of marketing, you’ve likely heard the expression ‘content is the king’. Today, content has outsold traditional marketing methods as the most effective way to attract attention from your customers. Content allows businesses to encourage their clients to trust and communicate to meet their needs, rather than relying on outbound methods like direct advertising or cold-calling.

Evidence suggests an astounding 40% of the workforce worked from home in the summer of 2020. Therefore, the chance to catch readers’ attention with your content is more important than ever before. With content becoming used as a tool by marketers, it’s challenging to stand out and turn readers into paying customers.

Great content is the foundation of any successful marketing agency. Brands have started to realize the importance of working with a content marketing agency that can help them create effective and result-oriented content on search engines and social media platforms. Content marketing helps build traction, develop credibility and creates loyalty for the brand. There has been too much emphasis on intrusive ads. Brands need to move away from that and focus on educating their audiences and winning their trust. They can only do this through content marketing.

The first step to standing out is to create higher quality content than your competition. In this article, we review the following stage in content’s success. We’ll give you five strategies to make your content more diverse by appealing to your readers.


Start a Podcast

Podcasts are certainly not new. Apple launched their podcasting capabilities in June 2005, and the earliest foundations of podcasting date back to the 1980s. In recent times podcasts have been growing through the roof partially due to the expansion of their availability and the ease of listening to audio files while doing other tasks.

Certain studies suggest that 37 per cent of the population can listen to one or more podcasts every month. Utilizing a podcast as a component of your marketing strategy provides an enormous opportunity for companies to connect with receptive and eager listeners.

When starting a podcast, it is crucial to keep in mind that people like the format due to its noninvasive nature. Thus, focusing on providing benefits to your listeners rather than making it an opportunity to sell your audience is essential to your success. Another advantage of podcasts is you can easily reuse them. If you record a portion of the podcast, you can quickly convert that audio into text and use it in an article on a blog.

Make Blog Posts Video

Blog posts that are of high quality are the foundation of many companies’ content marketing strategies. Long-form blogs are an excellent option to provide a lot of benefits to your customers. They can also enhance your website’s appearance in search results.

We could spend a significant amount of time creating the perfect blog article. It’s a bit odd that we often overlook old posts once they are published. It is not only tiring, but it’s creating excellent opportunities for more production of content.

A great way to expand your content and make the most of your blog posts is to turn them into videos.

When you create videos, think that your post is a prepared strategy; all you have to do is present the content in video format. It is possible to do this by putting yourself or someone sitting next to cameras and delivering your blog’s content in a natural, natural way. Or, you can hire an animator to create an animated tale for your post. You can also hire a voice-over artist to present your audio message.

Making videos is an excellent way to reach a larger audience. People love watching videos as it’s less tiring than reading, and it can convey identical information over a shorter period. This report reveals that 87 percent of video marketing marketers have noticed an astonishing increase in website traffic.

Host an Online Event

Events on the internet have increased in popularity in recent years to connect with people who are unable to meet in person. The ability to diversify your content by hosting online events facilitates interactive live communication with your attendees regardless of their location or personal conditions.

The online events you can host range from live streams to webinars and must always provide significant value. For instance, you could organize a live event where you invite experts in your field to webinars to discuss a subject matter in depth. You can easily host a webinar using any of the online webinar platforms suitable for your niche.

Online events are an excellent way to increase the diversification of content. For example, you can create a video recording of your event and then publish it as a series. You can use the information discussed to create an elaborate blog post or turn an event into audio and publish it as a podcast.

Diversify Your Social Media

You may have got social media an integral part of the content marketing strategy. However, to keep an audience’s attention followers, it is essential to create strategies for social media that offer variety both in content and the hosting platform.

For instance, your company might already use some or both of these social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to share blog posts. It’s an excellent place to begin but expanding to new social networks allows you to reach a wider audience and also an opportunity to interact with your existing customers in different ways.

While you can publish the same content on every social media platform, Every piece of content needs to be specific to the platform you’re posting it on. For instance, an official business-oriented post on LinkedIn will not look as good on Instagram. If you want to expand your usage, make sure you create content optimized for that platform.

You can consider diversifying your online presence accounts by posting different types of content on your existing platforms. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide a range of different types of content, including text posts, videos, and live streams.

Conduct Your Research for a Whitepaper

Whitepapers are a great way to look into a field that could be interesting to your company or the people you serve. They not only explore the current issues that arise around a subject but also provide suggestions for solutions.

An appropriately researched and written whitepaper can be an effective method to boost your credibility in your area of expertise. By providing expert advice on the problem, you could use it to present yourself as the top business to assist your client in solving the issue when it arises.

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Companies that put time and resources into content should be seeking ways to make the most of their investment. Diversifying your content doesn’t necessarily mean creating entirely fresh content. But it does mean finding new ways to distribute your content in ways that are engaging for your target audience.

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