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5 Must-Have Supplies to Kickstart Your Catering Business

If you are planning to start your own catering business, congratulations! You are signing up for an exciting and fast-paced career with tremendous potential to grow.

Plus, with people slowly getting back to safe gatherings, you will witness the best time of your career. While this screams happy news, know that the catering business has a market size of $6.8bn in Australia.

So, you will be up against some of the top competitors in the field. You need the right catering equipment supplies to put your best foot forward. But how do you find these supplies?


1.    Spend Time Picking the Perfect Oven

Without a doubt, the first buy in your kitchen should be a quality oven. An oven is the most usable and versatile equipment in your cooking arsenal.

Ovens help you cook a large quantity of food in significantly less time. And yes, the quality of food is impeccable.

To make the best of this tool, you need to take out time to find your perfect oven. Look into your business needs and budget before buying your oven. If you are planning to start small, go for a gas oven. It is compact, easy to store and saves you big bucks!

2.    Chill Out and Go for a Catering Fridge

Guess what? Fridges are multi-faceted too. You can store, preserve and freeze food before serving. Most importantly, you cannot serve good cold food without a good fridge.

Naturally, a commercial refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment. Before you ask: No, you cannot use your domestic refrigerator.

Your home appliance is not suited to heavy use and would get damaged within a few months. Repairing it is pretty expensive. So the best thing to do is buy a commercial fridge from the start.

3.    It’s Time to Buy a Fryer

Nobody can resist a crispy chicken or deep-fried cheese balls. You need a fryer to make these culinary delights.

While fryers can very well do the task for you, they will not help you in your catering business. On the other hand, deep fryers instantly frying a large quantity of food. That is why they are one of the best commercial equipment supplies. 

What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get a deep fryer now!

4.    Invest in Quality Food Warmers

If it’s not hot, it’s not a success! You need to serve your food warm and suitable for your customers. For this, a quality food warmer is a must-have.

Mainly if you are catering for a buffet, you will have a lot of guests waiting to eat your food. The best bet is to buy a food warmer and prepare ahead of your schedule.

5.    Don’t Forget to Purchase Beverage Equipment.

Beverages are the best part of the food. You would want to brew hot coffee and iced tea simultaneously. In which case, you need reliable beverage equipment on your side.

Be it an espresso machine, fruit juicer or cocktail shaker, it’s your pick. But do not forget to make the purchase!

Catering is undoubtedly a growing business in the food industry. But starting your catering service can be daunting. To avoid the hassle, you need to equip yourself with the right catering equipment supplies. There is no magic that a premium oven and trusty fridge cannot do. Of course, it can be pretty pricey to buy this equipment. So, you can also think of rental and second-hand options.

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