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5 Pieces Of Rental Advice For 2022

Renting an apartment can be a stressful process. There are a lot of steps involved, from finding an apartment, to getting your application checked, there isn’t much guidance to clarify the path for new renters. For most renters, finding a place to call home is about consistently hitting refresh and looking at new listings that pop up each day in the areas you’re looking to move to. Whether moving up the street or across the country, renting is complicated because more people are renting today than ever before. Costs for apartments have also gone up, making options for renting limited, especially in major cities and in areas with upcoming developments. So, how can the average renter navigate the rental market this year? Here are five pieces of rental advice for 2022.

  1. Don’t Start Apartment Hunting Too Early

Chances are, landlords and listing agents are not interested in early applicants. Don’t waste your time applying to places ahead of time if renters are still occupying the property you’re interested in for a few months. 

In many cases, rental arrangements are agreed upon the week before move-out, which means being the first to contact the landlord and address free rental history checks at that time, is the preferred approach. It’s a confusing process and not something that relates to the whole early bird gets the worm thing, but that’s how the rental world works, so if you want a piece of it, get with the program!  

  1. Have Your Money Ready

Landlords are more interested in renting to people who show they are serious about securing their lease arrangement. If you can come up with the first month’s, last month’s, and your security deposit all at once, you have a better chance of being chosen to rent out a property than someone who is not using this tactic. If you can, try to save up money ahead of time, so you’re ready to go when rental opportunities arise. 

  1. Follow Up On Applications

Remember that just because you’ve applied does not mean your application will be reviewed. You have to advocate for your application because it may not be seen if others are applying. For the best chances of securing an apartment, you’ll want to follow up on any applications you’ve submitted, especially if you’ve sent them through a system and not to a landlord directly. 

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  1. Give Fixer Uppers A Chance

If the apartment in your budget needs a lot of work, give them a chance. Your landlord may even be willing to give you a break in rent if you plan to make repairs and update the place. Plus, apartments with more work don’t have the same competition as modern apartments, so you have a better chance of getting in. Give fixer-uppers a chance! With a bit of love, you might secure the perfect apartment for you. 

  1. Filter Your Searches

Filter your search to pet-friendly apartments if you have a furry friend, and make sure you’re looking at places within your budget. You can easily miss opportunities by simply searching under the wrong terms.

As you browse for different apartments, make sure you’re filtering your searches to match the specifics you need. You want to avoid applying to places you won’t get into without even realizing it!

The Bottom Line

Renting is a complex process but with enough consistency and patience, you can secure an apartment you’re satisfied with. Keep an open mind about the rental opportunist that come to you and work with what you’ve got. An apartment should feel like home, but remember to be lenient because you’ll likely rent many more apartments before you find your true home sweet home. 

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