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5 Reasons B Pharmacy Admission Is Right for You

Wondering if b pharma courses are the right fit for you? Well, we have listed down five reasons in this blog that might push you to enrol in B. Pharmacy courses. However, before moving ahead on these five reasons, we will provide you with an insight into the B. Pharma courses and pharma industry in general.

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: An Overview

The Pharma Industry in India and across the world is growing at an incredible speed. The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic worldwide has contributed significantly to the growth of the pharma sector. The world has witnessed the velocity of development in the pharma industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, India’s health and pharma sectors were able to lead the global market amid a pandemic. Resulting, India emerged as the largest distributor for generic drugs globally.

Additionally, the Indian pharma sector is regarded as the third-largest pharma industry globally in terms of volume. That’s not all. According to the Economic Survey 2020-2021, the Indian pharma sector is projected to zoom three times over the next ten years.

An insight into B. Pharmacy programme

B. Pharmacy is a four-year undergraduate programme, divided into eight semesters. The course deals with the study of medicines. In these eight semesters, the programme covers core subjects, such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and pharmacognosy. You must note that students are also offered electives including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Design Thinking and Data Analytics, besides core papers.

Eligibility requirement: Students must have scored a minimum of 50 per cent marks in classes 10 and 12 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics and English as the major subject.

Now that you have gained an insight into the pharma sector and the B. Pharmacy programme, check out the five reasons why admission in this course is right for you.

  • Offers diverse career opportunities

A career in B. Pharmacy provides a range of career opportunities. After completing the programme, students can work as drug inspectors, pharmacists, project managers, business research analysts, quality control officers and healthcare data analysts. Besides this, students can also join private or government-funded research centres.

  • Provides growth opportunities

As the Indian pharma industry is expected to grow in the coming few years, B. Pharmacy students will be presented with several opportunities to grow. In the past few years, the pharma sector in India has witnessed dramatic development. So, you can become a vital member of the healthcare industry to serve people.

  • You aspire for a recession-free job

Every role related to the pharma and healthcare sectors is free from recession and stable. As we all know, many industries were hit due to the pandemic, but professionals associated with the pharma and healthcare industries witnessed their growth in these trying times.

  • You want to make a difference in people’s lives

B. Pharmacy is one such programme that allows people to serve others. By pursuing this course, pharmacy graduates can treat patients or keep their illnesses at bay. Intelligent and driven scientists can produce low-cost medicines to improve the health of patients.

  • Opportunity to sharpen your research skills

The development of medicine or vaccine has to go through a research process. Researchers examine the therapeutical interaction or effects of a drug or chemical on the human body in this process. Through this course, professionals will be allowed to advance their research skills.

If these reasons align with your goals, sign up for the course right away!

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