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5 Signs That Make You Realise Motorcycle Requires Maintenance

It’s a beneficial thing for you to have a motorcycle and ease up your daily commutation experience. A two-wheeler is certainly the convenient mode of transportation that save your everyday travel cost and helps you reach your destination on time. At present, several individuals have their own bikes and others are looking forward to buying online bikes or directly at the showroom.

But having a motorcycle with you comes with some responsibility and that is to take care of the ride in terms of maintaining its running & mechanical condition. In simple terms, offer timely maintenance, buy online bike accessories and spare parts for replacement, and regular cleaning of the motorcycle. It is important on your part to maintain the condition of your bike in any circumstance to ensure a seamless riding experience and prevent any unexpected breakdown.

So, here in this blog, we will be sharing information on the five crucial signs that make you realize doing motorcycle servicing and maintenance.


First Sign: Trouble with Motorcycle Engine

It’s common for riders to face certain problems with a motorcycle engine when the bike fails to start on time and after trying in various attempts. There might be some signs that you cannot ignore while riding your motorcycle and rectify to give your two-wheeler for servicing and required maintenance.

The motorcycle fails to start on the first or second attempt.

Suddenly, you feel less acceleration of the motorcycle, while going uphill.

Gear shifting position problems, when riding in heavy traffic conditions.

Unable to apply brakes well on time.

Loose clutch, brake padel issues, smoke coming from the engine.

And the list goes on.

In any case, if you face any of the above-mentioned issues, then it’s a clear sign to repair your motorcycle in the first place.

Second Sign: Battery-Related Issue

Another sign of the bike requires servicing or even a change of part is related to battery issues. Of course, the battery is one of the crucial components of your motorcycle that provides the required current to switch on the lights and allow you to self-start your bike. However, there might be some battery-related problems in your existing motorcycle, based on the following few signs.

Rust is visible on the electric points of the battery.

The motorcycle headlight or taillight started getting dim.

Unable to blow the horn, while the ignition is on.

Difficulty in starting your motorcycle through self-start.

Frequent switching off of ignition on its own.

Third Sign: Technical Problems

Apart from your engine and battery, there might be some other issues that you are facing while riding your motorcycle. It could be in terms of slow speed, reduced mileage capacity, poor acceleration, and so on. All of such things happen due to alarming technical issues in your bike and that too is based on numerous mentioned signs.

Facing poor riding experience due to low air pressure in your tires. And this could later lead to flat tires, if not repair the motorcycle well on time.

The reduced set of acceleration is another technical problem that you might be facing. In such a case, there is some problem in your engine with some part broken down or any other issue.

Sometimes, low engine oil inside your motorcycle can negatively affect the mileage efficiency and reduce the same to an optimum extent. It could even cause black smoke to come out of your bike’s exhaust.

Even the slow riding speed of your bike is happening because of a chain system issue and must be fixed well on time.

Fourth Sign: Unexpected Noise 

There might be a chance that you smell some foul odor coming from your motorcycle engine or any unusual sound while riding it. If such things happen, then there are some noise and smell-related issues in your motorcycle. And here are the following signs to encounter.

Smelling foul odor coming out of your motorcycle exhaust and making everyone uncomfortable around.

Some noise-related issues like knocking, backfiring, popping, spitting, or anything like that.

Hearing some sound right after starting your bike’s engine and then shutting it off.

Fifth Sign: Engine Oil Not Changed for a While

Keeping the same engine oil in your motorcycle for a while can cause several mechanical problems. As you already know, engine oil is an integral part of bike spare parts that help lubricate several parts in the engine, ensure smooth flow of air, and increase the engine’s performance, and running capacity. However, using the old engine oil can make you feel discomfort, and that too is based on the following few signs.

Fuel-efficiency of motorcycles is getting affected.

Smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Acceleration starts dipping at a constant rate.

The engine’s sound is louder than usual.

The above-mentioned signs are simply warning alerts for motorcycle owners to check the ride at an authorized service station. It is important to maintain your ride with timely servicing, cleaning, and change of required parts.

Concluding Thoughts

If you have a Hero motorcycle and want to maintain its performance for a long-lasting time, then do service the bike on a timely basis. When it comes to buying genuine accessories and bike spare parts online, get access to the eShop Hero Motocorp platform and buy original quality products at an affordable price. The online portal belongs to the Hero Motocorp brand allows existing motorcycle owners to buy high-quality parts online and others to book bikes online.

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