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5 Types Of Legal Help Available To You

If you are in need of professional legal assistance but have limited means to hire a lawyer or attorney, there are alternative approaches to getting the help you need. This article discusses ways you can find legal advice and representation without paying more than you can afford. Read on to learn more about these options and how they may help you.

  1. Not-For-Profit Legal Agencies

If you have very limited income, you may qualify to receive legal assistance from not-for-profit legal agencies. Legal services offices are capable of helping people whose incomes are heavily restricted. Although the cases that legal services help with vary, the main focuses are generally cases involving housing, family law, domestic violence, and public benefits. 

Additional issues that are assisted include immigration and disability concerns. Depending on the office, some services may focus more heavily on one area of law than another. Some of these services are funded by the government, limiting the options for the types of cases they take.

Immigration law issues that overlap with concerns such as domestic violence are also assisted. You might reach out to abogados de inmigracion en Melbourne, FL, to learn more. Keep in mind that if your legal concerns pertain to money damages for a car accident, criminal case, or medical malpractice, legal services will not be able to provide help. 

  1. Local Bar Associations 

Bar associations are the official organizations of lawyers. Your local area should have a bar association you can call to get in touch with a private lawyer willing to meet with you at a reduced cost. Typically, your meeting will last around 30 minutes, and you will pay under $50 for their time. Your bar association may also have additional resources, such as self-help clinics, workshops, and volunteer lawyers offering free work. Advocate for your needs and inquire about these affordable options, if needed. 

  1. Online Legal Advice

You may be able to have some questions addressed by inquiring online. Visit free legal advice websites to find resources to discuss your concerns with a lawyer for a pro-rated phone call. Ensure that the websites you visit are accurate and reflect the laws that pertain to your area and state. Make sure you are considering advice received from real lawyers rather than undisclosed, anonymous advice from users of the site. Some legal advice websites require you to pay a fee to access the information. Look at reviews for the accuracy of these websites before proceeding to pay the fee. 

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  1. Local Legal Corporations 

You may also contact legal advisory firms or corporations in your area that primarily gather the legal documents necessary for cases. Paralegals and other law-invested professionals may be able to point you in the direction of additional resources for receiving legal help. Many legal corporations specialize in preparing documents for specific legal areas, including divorce mediation, separation, child custody, etc. See if practices near you may address your concerns.

  1. Supervised Law Students 

Law schools in your area may provide legal clinics free to individuals looking for legal advice. Law students provide advice while being supervised by their law professors to ensure the accuracy of information is conveyed. 

Affordable Legal Help Is Available 

For those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer, there are many ways to receive legal assistance that is more accommodating to your income. Consider the above suggestions as you research and determine the most effective ways to get your legal concerns addressed. Keep in mind that some lawyers provide free phone consultations, which may be a great place to start your search for the proper legal assistance. 

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