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6 Ceiling Light Ideas for Bedrooms to Lighten up Your Place

While decorating a bedroom, people often tend to forget lighting in the excitement of selecting furniture and bedding along with a suitable color scheme. However, proper lighting is an essential design element in each room in a house. Merely setting a lamp beside the bed is not a great option. Let us look at the following ideas to set up a beautiful lighting plan for your bedroom. 

Layered Bedroom Lighting

You can choose to layer the ceiling lighting in a spacious bedroom. Combining different lighting designs for a luxurious setting will help you layer the overhead lighting. It works for all bedroom spaces. Besides keeping bedside lamps for reading and ceiling fixtures, you can opt for cove lighting. It will provide indirect illumination. Recessed lights or wall sconces for the bedroom wardrobe area and dressing table are great alternatives. 

Modern Bedroom Lighting: Chandelier

A chandelier gives ambient lighting and serves the purpose of a gorgeous decor element in a bedroom. Below are some chandelier lights that will help you create a style statement in your bedroom:

  • Crystal Chandelier: It contributes to sophistication and shimmering elegance in a bedroom. These chandeliers are perfect designs for master bedrooms. To accentuate it with such lighting designs, you can choose to have rich colors for the decor in your bedroom. 
  • Wooden Chandelier: Wooden ceiling lights can become statement pieces in your bedroom. Combining these traditional bed lighting fixture designs with traditionally styled furniture pieces will help you get a vintage look in the bedroom.  

Flush-Mount Ceiling Lighting

To impart a contemporary look to your bedroom, you can choose to have flush-mount ceiling fixtures. Installing lights closer to the ceiling will make the ceiling appear higher and the room larger. To make the space look decorative, you can opt for semi-flush ceiling lights resembling pendant lights. 

Colorful LED Lighting

Neon lights display an eclectic decor theme and provide a dramatic retro look to your bedroom space. Nowadays, colorful LED lights are trending everywhere. They create a gorgeous ambiance when the other lights are switched off. You can try out a lot of ways to decorate with neon lights. For instance, the kids’ bedroom can have a neon, crescent-moon lighting design. You can get all these lights and other bedroom decorations at a home decor store near you.

Industrial-Style Lighting

Often, homeowners prefer industrial lights for bedrooms. You can opt for a light bulb suspended in a metal frame and augment the visuals with a brick-textured wall. It will create an industrial effect in your bedroom space. Other alternatives for the bedroom are metallic pendant light fixtures and vintage-era electric lanterns. 

Ceiling Fan Lighting

Ceiling fans with lights are evolving designs. These fans have LED light fixtures to provide dual advantages of brightening the room while keeping the space cool. This doubled-up design with a ceiling light fixture looks impressive in the bedroom. 

How to Choose the Light for A Bedroom

You need to ensure that you have a calm space to unwind and go off to sleep. While flawless decor creates the perfect ambiance, you must have suitable lighting in the bedroom. Using a mixture of mood, task, and accent lighting can help plan your lighting accordingly. It would be best if you created a scheme that works across all seasons and at any time of the day. Thus, you will be airy and light in summer and cosy in winter. You can follow the tips listed below to make a wise decision.

  1. Choosing non-distracting lights: Suppose you have chosen an amazing wallpaper in the bedroom. Of course, you will never want large bedside lamps to cover it. Instead, you can opt for a design with a glass base to showcase your feature wall. Pairing it with a complimenting color will create a stunning scheme in the bedroom. 
  1. Adding the right colors: You can add a pop of color to add warmth and vibrancy. Matching it with one or two accessories in the room will bring the entire look together. Also, it would help if you kept the bedside table free of clutter not to distract visitors from your lighting choice. 
  1. Using mirror: A mirror hung behind your bedside light will help bounce the light further and illuminate the dark corners of your bedroom. You can opt for beautiful mercury mirrors with an antique effect that suits the bedroom style without distracting from the decor effect. An accent light above the mirror will create a feature and impart a different glow to your room. 
  1. Hanging fairy lights: To cast a comforting magical look in the room, you can use fairy lights. These lighting options are ideal if you live in a rented property and do not own the liberty to decorate. 

To choose a ceiling light for a bedroom, you need to consider how it will create a relaxing glow. You must remember that you will primarily view the light from below when you are in bed. Lighting is a critical factor in having proper sleep. Nobody wants to spend time in a room with harsh lighting before dozing off to sleep. Similarly, none will look forward to filling the room with light each time they rise to go to the bathroom at night. So, ensuring that you choose the appropriate lighting for your bedroom is paramount. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which ceiling light is the best option for a bedroom?

One may opt for pendant lighting if a bedroom has high ceilings above 10 feet. Dropping them down over the nightstands will act as bedside lighting. There should be adequate space between the bottom of the pendant and the nightstand, a minimum of 12 inches and a maximum of 22 inches. 

  1. How bright should a ceiling light be in the bedroom?

Ceiling fixtures with four 60W lights or six 40W bulbs can be used in a 10-by-12-foot bedroom. Choose an LED ceiling fixture that has a lumen output of 2,400 or more. 

  1. How many ceiling lights are sufficient for a bedroom?

Adding recessed lighting at a rate of 1 fixture per 25 square feet of space is sufficient. You can also use 3000k LED lights. 

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