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What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Vanities That You Should Consider for Your Home?

A vanity often serves as the focal point of the bathroom. When choosing this item for your residence, what factors need consideration? The following guide helps homeowners find the perfect vanity every time. 


Begin choosing a vanity by measuring the space available for this furnishing. If purchasing a double vanity with drawers, make certain the doors can open without interference, and the same holds for the drawers on the unit. Consider existing features when measuring and check the location of the plumbing. Most vanities are 14″ to 84″ wide, with standard widths ranging from 24″ to 60″. The height ranges from 31″ to 35-1/2″, while the depth runs 17″ to 24″. Measure for the countertop if purchasing a vanity without a top. The top needs to be an inch wider and an inch deeper than the cabinet. 


Vanities come in two main styles. Many people choose freestanding vanities if they have a small bathroom. Built-in versions work better in larger spaces and provide more storage and countertop space. 

Upon deciding between a freestanding and built-in unit, the focus then turns to the sink options. Sinks come in round, square, rectangular, and oval. Homeowners must also choose from under-mount sinks, sinks that drop-in, vessel sinks, and wall-mounted versions. 

Floating vanities work well in modern and small spaces. The bathroom feels more spacious because the vanity sits on a wall. It has no legs, which is why it is referred to as a floating vanity. 

Corner vanities also fit well in small bathrooms and oddly shaped rooms. They require little room and come in many styles. However, they provide little countertop space. 

Double-sink vanities benefit individuals who share a bathroom. Each person has their own sink and countertop space. However, measure carefully if upgrading to this type of vanity. This ensures it will fit in the opening. 


Upon choosing a vanity, the homeowner’s focus turns to the countertop and fixtures. Some people choose to purchase a vanity with a top already installed. Other individuals, however, want to pick their own top. Select from glass, stone, and solid-surface options for the vanity top. 

Choose a color and finish that complements other elements in the room. Don’t overlook the hardware either, as this is one of the easiest ways to update the look of a vanity. 

As bathrooms are very small, they typically come with little storage space. Keep this in mind when choosing a vanity, and pick one that provides the storage room you need. In a family bathroom, more storage is helpful. Guest bathrooms, however, don’t require as much in terms of storage space. 

The last step involves choosing a faucet for the sink. Most tops come with holes pre-drilled for the faucet. Homeowners find they may choose a center set or widespread faucet. 

Center set faucets fit tops with three four-inch holes pre-drilled in the surface. The spout and valves sit on a single base unit. These faucets come with either a single handle or two handles resting on a six-inch plate. 

Widespread faucets, in contrast, come with a spout that features separate handles for hot and cold water. The pieces sit independently once the installation is complete. Homeowners find the faucets come with 6″ to 16″ drillings and fit in a pre-drilled three-hole setup. 

Spend time browsing the many vanities available today. No homeowner wants to purchase a vanity only to find another one they love a few days later. By browsing the available options first, the odds of this happening decrease significantly.

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