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6 Social Media Tools That Will Propel Your Marketing Efforts

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of people rely on different social media platforms for product reviews and recommendations. With the number increasing every day, your prominence in social media marketing could push your brand to the next level. Among the ways to up your game is understanding the role of different social media tools in online marketing.

By mastering the art of social media management tools such as the best chrome extensions for social media, you will create compelling content for your business and your consumers. From content creation to content analysis tools, here are the best social media marketing tools that will push your brand to a competitive edge.


1. BuzzSumo

One great way of beating your competitors is exploring a less researched topic with great organic search traffic. BuzzSumo serves as a content gap analysis tool that helps you find such topics and provides you with numerous ideas for unique content creation.

BuzzSumo uses analytics from over 8 billion articles in its database to rank the best performing content ideas, formats, and headlines. Apart from offering you ideas, this content creation tool links you to top influencers in your niche.

2. Buffer

Do you lack time to post meaningful content for your audience consistently? With Buffer, you can schedule your posts on different social media platforms and even choose the best time to publish them. The Buffer Chrome extension even makes the tool better by helping you evaluate your most effective posts.

3. Canva

Using images in your social media posts can enhance your audience’s engagement with your content and make your brand appear more inviting. Canva helps you create the best social media graphics that quickly tell a story to your consumers.

This graphic tool has various templates to design and size images for several social sites. You can also add inspiration to your graphics using its many sample layout texts.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the social media tools that let you keep track of every trend, keyword, and account that resonates with your brand. The information you capture can help you measure your achievements and know areas to improve in your business.

Sprout Social has a social listening feature that connects you directly to your consumers. By engaging in conversations with your clients, you get ideas that can help you optimize your content.

5. Netbase Quid

How do you evaluate the impact of your brand’s content on social media platforms? Netbase Quid stands out among the Social Media Tools that help you measure the ROI of your business on social media.

Netbase Quid brings your essential data from various sources on one platform, making it easier for you to analyze it and strategize.

6. Socedo

Socedo helps you understand the social media audience that fits your products. This tool analyzes and categorizes different social media users based on their social behavior. With the information, you can create and post content that echoes the needs of each category of followers.


There are many social media tools, and these 6 are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have been struggling with your digital marketing strategy, try combining these tools for a tremendous transformation of your brand’s online dominance.

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