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6 Super Fun Summer Ideas That Involve Taking Your Bike

Taking your bike along with you can add a lot to your vacations and short-term getaways. A well-planned excursion could allow you to explore a new area, ride on a stellar trail and make the most of the good weather and longer days. While you probably have some solid ideas for bike adventures, it never hurts to hear about other options. For starters, consider the broad picture with these always interesting possibilities:

  1. Visit a nearby city to check out its bike culture
  2. Check out a quality camping destination
  3. Go offroad with a fat tire ebike
  4. Get close to the Pacific Ocean
  5. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  6. Stay out late and enjoy a twilight bike ride

You can make these ideas a reality without too much trouble. Whether you enjoy planning down to the last detail or making a spontaneous trip, the time for action is now.

Visit Beautiful San Clemente, California

The best way to explore this delightful area is with electric bikes San Clemente. With some added power, you can easily zip around town and explore the sights. Best of all, the city embraces electric bikes on most of its trails, though the beach and the beach trail have some restrictions. It is also important to watch your speed on trails as there is a 10mph limit in many places.

Around the Block and Every Journey models make for excellent choices when looking for a new bike. These models come with seven speeds and are equipped with a 250W rear hub motor drive, perfect for relaxing summer rides. Classic designs and solid comfort make for enjoyable riding on San Clemente trails such as the San Juan Capistrano trail which runs for 14 beautiful miles.

Whether you like early morning rides or late evening trips, your ebike will be whisper quiet as you cruise in the open air. For full confidence, it is smart to consider accessories that keep you safe and prepared. These include a multitool for simple fixes, front and rear lights and mirrors. You can also check out fat tire ebikes for sale for a more stable ride on sand and other soft surfaces.

Group Camping & Hiking Trip With Your Bike

If you plan to do some hiking this summer, remember that this is a good opportunity to get some riding in, too. Most camping destinations have quiet roadways and enticing trails that are perfect for an hour or two on the bike. With the best e bike for camping, you can explore more of the surrounding area and increase your enjoyment of nature.

If your goal is some quiet riding with a solid degree of comfort, the Every Journey internal battery 250W works in both pedal assist and full electric mode. You can ride as long as 20 miles under electric power and the mid-sized tires are good for most surfaces. For expanded capabilities the Every Journey Fat Tire 500W model allows you to get off the beaten path.

The possibilities are endless this summer. Make sure to take your bike with you for added fun.

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