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7 Unique Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes to Know for The Non-Traditional Bride

Planning for your engagement shortly? First of all, congratulations in advance for starting the new phase of your life. But let’s discuss the most important thing first: your engagement ring! Your engagement ring will be the most special piece of jewelry that you will carry with you forever. So, it must be unique that will show off your personal style. For the brides who are all searching for a unique engagement diamond ring, the first step in making a unique ring that speaks for you is breaking away from the traditional settings in favor of something more innovative and special.

Many unconventional brides are now looking for non-traditional designs because it empowers them to showcase their personal style. Non-traditional engagement rings are not classic ones but these are the rings that follow a unique style. They look different from other ring designs and have eye-catching features. If you are searching for a different kind of stone, different colors, or a unique shape or band for your unique engagement ring, this blog is for you. We have got you covered!

7 unique engagement rings for non-traditional brides

Here are some of the ideas for unique engagement rings for non-conventional brides. These rings will definitely help you to find your style and preference so that you do not have to stick to the same old style. 

Let’s check them out!

1. Go for a different diamond color: This white gold aquamarine round diamond engagement ring is a perfect symbol of your everlasting love. If you are looking for a non-traditional approach to the engagement ring, go for a different diamond color stone that you haven’t worn. The ring features 18k white gold with a trio of cushion aquamarine diamonds. The ring fashioned a 6 MM oval aquamarine stone at the center which is surrounded to a round diamond studded frame with 2 more stone on its both sides.

2. Select a non-traditional setting: There are definitely many more versatile settings to choose from. So you can go for a bezel setting that is a gorgeous alternative to a traditional prong setting. In the bezel setting the diamond will be encased beautifully in precious metal. Get ready to declare your love with our exquisite solitaire ring in 18k rose gold. It has a magnificent single emerald white topaz diamond featuring in a bezel setting and is utterly gorgeous. 

3. Play around with pretty bands: You can go for beautiful wedding bands if you are bored of those traditional rings. Check this gorgeous 10-karat white gold wedding band that has a micro pave setting. It is the ideal choice if you are searching for cheap diamond engagement rings. It’s a perfect style for those who want a magical wow factor and are no longer interested in a traditional solitaire ring style. 

4. Choose vintage style rings: Vintage engagement rings are a perfect mixture of little old and little new. Regardless of the style and design that your heart captures, vintage engagement rings will definitely make a gorgeous non-traditional choice. So chat with your partner, set your budget, and start shopping for your vintage-style engagement ring. It will help you to stand out from everyone else and you will enjoy telling the story of your perfect hunt for the ring. 

5. Go for bridal promise engagement rings: Promise engagement rings really break the mold. This beautiful ring is the best option available for non-traditional brides. It has a strong and sparkly personality. Beautifully crafted in 18k rose gold and centered by a 1.10-carat heart-shaped morganite. Also, there is additional pink sapphire surrounding the morganite. With a ring like this, a modern bride will surely stand out among all. You will get another design in cheap promise ringsas well on our website. 

6. Go for bold diamond cluster engagement rings: Cluster engagement rings are best because rather than focusing on just one diamond, they clutter several diamonds together that make an eye-grabbing piece. They are perfect for the non-traditional brides who love little organized chaos in their life. With timeless beauty, this unique diamond ring is fashioned in 18k rose gold and has exquisite shimmering white 4.70-carat diamonds all over it. It is the most extravagant piece that everyone should consider.

7. A pop of color: Do you prefer a little more color in your jewelry? Our answer will always be a big yes! In fact, colorful gemstones have now emerged as the most popular choice of all non-traditional brides. Indulge your creative ideas and choose the full colorful route. Colorful gemstones are very unique, not widely seen, and are the perfect engagement ring style for the one who wants something stylish and less traditional. A breathtaking 1-carat ruby is the main attention of this beautiful engagement ring that adds a pop of color to the ring. It is then surrounded by stunning round diamonds for the added brilliance. The ring features 10k white gold and weighs 1.10 carat. 


Love the above non-traditional engagement rings? We hope you definitely will love it if your taste has never been ordinary. They are undoubtedly gorgeous. Now also go and discover our favorite one-carat diamond rings on our website today for more options.

Remember, there is a saying that new rules are no rules. Do what you like. Go for the ring that makes you happy, and fits your personality and your budget. 

For any help in purchasing the right fancy-shaped and budget-friendly non-traditional engagement ring, you can reach out to our jewelry experts. They will definitely help you to choose the ring of your dreams. 

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