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8 Products Every Dentist Needs To Have

As a dentist, you must have all the equipment you need to care for your patient’s oral healthcare needs, from annual dental visits to specific procedures. This article covers eight products every dentist needs to have available to them during patient visits. Consider the following products and ensure that you’ve got them squared away at your dental practice! 


1. Dental Probe Instruments

Various dental probes can be used to check patients’ mouths and see if cavities or other dental injuries are present. Sickle probes check for cavities, whereas periodontal probes look for issues like receding gums and locate periodontal pocket measurements. 

2. Decay Removing Drill 

Dental drills are made to eliminate any decay stuck on the teeth before a filling. These drills are essential for starting the process of filling in cavities and after cement clean-up with micem automix cement. They’re also good for smoothing teeth after the procedure is finished and polishing patients’ teeth. 

3. A Dental Mirror 

You’ll need a dental mirror to inspect patients’ mouths during cleanings and procedures. You’ll be able to see all angles of the mouth, which is essential to ensure that you don’t miss any dental issues like teeth loss during their visit. 

A good dental mirror gives the dentist the clearest and most detailed view possible of the back of the teeth, which are often trouble spots for cavities, plaque, and other kinds of build-up. Dental mirrors help ensure that you provide adequate teeth cleanings and procedures. 

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4. Burnisher Polishing Devices

Burnishers are utilized as the appointment comes to a close to smooth out teeth, remove scratches, and restore the teeth after procedures. They are the final buffer used to complete the visit. 

5. A Dental X-Ray 

Sometimes it is unclear as to what might be causing tooth pain and other dental issues. A dental x-ray can help pinpoint potential areas by giving the dentist a way to view an up-close and detailed display of the patient’s teeth. The x-ray can also spot early signs of decay, making it an essential preventative care tool against dental issues. 

6. Molds For Impressions 

In order to get accurate impressions of the mouth, teeth, etc. dentists need dental molds to create crowns, braces, etc. Molds are also used to create custom dental mouthguards for various issues like TMJ. They may also be used to pinpoint any issues like cavities that might be taking place in the mouth. 

7. Scaler Scraper Devices

When plaque is so caked onto teeth that it cannot move with regular daily brushing, scalers are used to remove the debris, specifically just before the start of the gum line. 

Scaler instruments allow dentists to carefully remove the plaque and build-up without causing damage to the gum line or surrounding areas. Sometimes curettes are used instead of scalers, but only for instances of calculus removal below the gum line.

8. A Suction Device

It is normal for saliva to build up in the patient’s mouth during dental examinations, making it difficult for dentists to conduct their work. These devices are small hoses that remove excess debris and saliva that’s interfering with the procedure or dental cleaning. 

The Bottom Line

Every dentist needs a handful of essential products to conduct their work with and care for their patient’s dental needs. The aforementioned products are some of the primary tools dentists need to conduct their work efficiently. Go through each of the items described and ensure you’ve got them for your dental practice. If you check out this dentist in San Leandro, you’ll see that they have all the above basic equipment. This helps them provide the best services to their patients. So, make sure that you have them too in your clinic.

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