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8 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Promotion to a Top Position

Getting a promotion can be a huge confidence boost. It shows the company respects you, needs you, and appreciates the work you are doing for them. But do you find yourself constantly congratulating everyone else in the office for achieving the promotion that you wanted, and that you think you deserved? Whilst it can be disheartening, if you are determined to be the next employee being celebrated and cheered at, follow these eight tips, and bag yourself that well-earned promotion to a top position in the business. 

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    Dedicate Yourself to the Business

If you’re turning up to work in the mornings at 9 o clock on the dot, clock-watching until your lunch break then leaving as soon as you see the clock hit 5 PM, no matter whether you are halfway through a job or not, you obviously can’t expect a promotion. You need to show that you are committed to the success of the business and actually care and want it to progress and do well. Don’t go overboard and burn yourself out, but go that little bit further at every chance you get, so people can see that you are a hard-working asset that deserves that promotion. 

  • Improve Your Skills

Showing that you are willing to learn and actively taking measures to expand your knowledge and skills will get you noticed and put you in the running for promotion. Develop yourself so you can provide top-quality results for the company. Studying for an online DBA from Aston University would show that you are dedicated to increasing your knowledge and making a positive impact in the business. An Executive Doctor of Business Administration is specifically tailored to future executives, to build advanced knowledge to solve complex business problems. Voluntarily committing yourself to further study will not only show your initiative, but will develop key skills that will be required in those top positions you are after.

  • Become Friends with Everyone

Everyone has heard the phrase it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It’s true, to a certain extent. Making friends with people in the company, especially those who hold higher positions than you, can land you some opportunities that you otherwise may not have been given. But you don’t want to only be friendly with the people in charge; a promotion may mean you have more power over your current colleagues, so building positive relationships with those around you and being a generally friendly person with good energy can be a great advantage in the future. 

  • Understand What is Expected of You 

Know what you are there to achieve, and make sure you achieve it. Look to the people who have been promoted previously, notice their behaviours, habits, and the results they give. Observing and taking note of their traits could give you a better idea of what you need to do to get to their position. A lot of the time, these people are forward thinkers, decisive, and assertive. They position themselves as someone who is a leader and gives the company what they want. To get promoted, you need to do the same. 

  • Show Initiative and Critical Thinking

Instead of asking for reassurance and looking for help from someone else when you run into a challenge, come up with a way to solve it yourself. People in senior positions provide innovative methods for wrapping up the problems they encounter, and by doing this off your own back, you are showing you are capable and have the initiative to take control. If you think a certain system or operation could be improved and you have an idea on how to solve it, put yourself and your ideas forward. This reveals your commitment to improving the business and showcases your ability to think critically and not be afraid to act.

  • Get Noticed

If people don’t know you’re there, you aren’t going to get the promotion. When the opportunity arises to present yourself in front of those with more senior positions than yourself, make sure you grab it by the reins and ride it out. Put yourself at the forefront of meetings, showcase your ideas and results and check in with your employer about your performance and what you can do to achieve more. Look out for opportunities that may arise where you can show off your skills, volunteer to participate, and contribute to big projects and attend all the company events. Get yourself noticed and talked about for all the right reasons.

  • Display Leadership Skills

Showing that you have the skills needed to succeed in a top role within your company puts you in the front running for promotion. There are certain attributes that all leaders have that you need to make clear to the company that you have. Whenever you get the chance to lead a team or take charge of a project, take it. An effective leader is able to motivate and encourage their team to perform to a high standard, so show that you are already able to boost the performance of your peers. Constructive criticism is a huge part of leading, not just being able to give it, but also to take it. Use any feedback you get to make self-improvements that will work towards becoming the perfect candidate for promotion. 

  • Ask For It 

Being direct and clear can get you the best results. How will they know you are after the promotion if you don’t tell them? It’s easy to assume that management will automatically put you in the running, but instead of assuming, take control and make sure they know. If people are aware that your aim is to be promoted, they will take more note of your work, actions, and attitude. Asking for it will get you noticed. Make it clear that you are dedicated, and if after all your hard work you still aren’t getting anywhere, you have every right to ask them why. 

It’s time to take another step up that career ladder, and your chances of promotion will improve massively if you follow this advice and take matters into your own hands.

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