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A guide to different varieties of bail bonds

There are different categories of bail bonds available in the legal world. These include surety bonds, property bonds, cash bail, citation release, federal bail bond, immigration bail bond, and recognizance release and can be in a way of cosign a bail bond. Each of these categories is dissimilar and has a distinct requirement for the defendant.

Hence, you will have to explore deeply to understand these in detail.


Surety bonds for the defendant

The first and the most common bond available for the defendant is the surety bond. These are standard bail bonds and remain popular. These bonds are available through bail bond agencies, and the defendant will have to pay 10% of the amount for getting released. Since the overall amount is less, most of the defendants choose these bonds over other categories.

Property bonds get grounded on collateral

As the name suggests, property bonds were based on collateral. For these bonds, real estate properties come as a guarantee. One of the disparities between surety bonds and property bonds is the time factor. For the latter, it takes a vast amount of time for the inspection and the related paperwork.

Understanding citation release

Citation releases are for individuals who were never behind bars but got a citation. The discharge in this type of case depends on the discretion of the officer. It can be because of a traffic offense or other related crimes.

Recognizance release for the defendant

Another agreeable category of bond is known as the recognizance release. Here, the defendant is not required to pay an amount for the release. Quite similar to citation release, the discretionary powers of the officer play a key role over here.

Cash bail and federal bail bond

Another standard category of bail known to most individuals is cash bails. As the name suggests, these are bail bonds that get fully paid in cash. If you have extra resources, then this is the best option for you. Remember that after finishing the appointments and court dates, you will get the total amount back. Hence, there is no chance of losing cash.

Federal bail bonds are self-explanatory. These are related to federal offenses, but they are hard to obtain and often expensive. Castle Bail Bonds can help you get in touch with a reputed bail bondsman and ensure a hassle-free bail. These individuals will assist you in the process like a professional.

Immigration bail bond.

Immigration bail bonds, as the name suggests, are for those individuals who do not belong to the country. If you come from a different country, you are likely to face severe and strict restrictions. You will have to go for immigration bail bonds which do not apply to the citizens of that nation. These are complicated affairs and also time-consuming. Hence, it’s always better not to work on it individually without any help. It would help if you always employed professional bail bonds agents from bail bond agencies to assist you in this regard.

Lastly, you will have to discern the significance of bail bond professionals. The professionals ensure offering strong support during the rough times leading you through the procedure and helping you deal with the issues.

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