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Advance your technical expertise with AWS training

In total, there are 12 types of AWS certifications. These include basic cloud practitioners, solution architects for problem-solving and implementation-experienced associates, SysOps administrators, developers, and solution architects who require comprehensive knowledge of design and operation.

Areas of expertise include advanced networking, data analytics, security, machine learning, skill builders, and databases.

Certification difficulty

The difficulty level of the AWS certification increases in order from the qualification for beginners that can be acquired with about 6 months of experience.

This is followed by SysOps administrators who have about a year of experience and knowledge of system deployment and operation, developers who have knowledge of optimizing AWS service deployment, and solution architects.

In the field of expertise, there is a professional qualification with a high degree of difficulty from the familiar Alexa operation.

What is AWS Training?

With AWS training, you can learn the latest learning content that is constantly updated according to your skills. Available in classrooms, private and online.

AWS Training Noida allows you to learn new cloud skills and services, and digital training from providers offers a full range of basic to skill-based learning.

Three Benefits of Using AWS Training

There are three advantages of AWS training, such as free training and learning from basic AWS knowledge to more specialized knowledge according to the level.

You can efficiently deepen your specialized knowledge toward the goal of acquiring AWS qualifications, and improve your technical skills such as building and optimizing the overall infrastructure.

1: Ask questions in real time

AWS paid classroom training can be taken online, so you can take it anywhere, such as at home.

Participate in online virtual classroom training, where AWS expert instructors can ask questions through commentary, more detailed item-by-item discussion-style lessons, and real-time messages.

2: Tailor to your level

With AWS training, you can choose the style of attendance that suits you. One of the strengths of online training is that you can take it anywhere and at a convenient time, and you can proceed according to your level of understanding.

With an extensive AWS training menu, beginners can learn according to their level. You can learn new features that will deepen your expertise.

3: Deepen your knowledge for acquisition

Digital training includes cloud practitioners, exam preparation workshops, and areas where you can learn your all new AWS.

At AWS’s free digital training and webinar workshops, you can solve sample questions such as points to solve exam questions and explanations to deepen your understanding, and you can effectively deepen your knowledge as a preparation before the exam.

How long does an AWS exam take?

  1. The “Cloud Practitioner” exam lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
  2. The “Associate” level exams last a little over 2 hours
  3. The “Professional” and “Specialty” level exams last just under 3 hours

Who issues AWS Certifications?

Often, certifications are offered by the creators of the technology, and this also applies to the cloud. Major cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud all offer their own set of certifications for those who want to prove their skills with an official document. But, experts suggest you to trust the expert team of, who will be there for you at any point of time with their best-quality AWS Training Noida.

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