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Advantages of Studying in Australia

Australia, a charming pure land in the southern hemisphere, has become a popular country for studying abroad in the past few years. There are many destination countries for studying abroad, but Australia does have its unique advantages. Therefore, in recent years, the number of students studying abroad in Australia has been growing steadily and has a good reputation.


1. High-quality education

The quality of education in Australia is strictly controlled by the government. All levels of education, whether it is primary and secondary schools, vocational colleges, universities, research institutes, and even language schools, must comply with the rigorous standards of the Australian Federal Government. Therefore, all schools maintain an average level of teaching standards; in addition, each school must pass strict government review before it is allowed to admit international students to teach. The government’s check-in action ensures that students have the right to receive high-quality education. Therefore, the degrees awarded by Australian schools are not only recognized by the Ministry of Education in Australia, but also recognized by countries all over the world. Under such high-quality education, Australia has created many outstanding scientists and entrepreneurs. Up to now, the country has seven Nobel Prize winners.

2. The education system is fully open to overseas students

In recent years, Australian education system is fully open to overseas students and it has become a more and more popular country for international students to study abroad. Whether it is English courses, primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, universities, doctoral and master classes, or even functional training courses, all resources are fully open to overseas students to share. If you are interested in the courses provided by Australian schools, you can search via Course Finder, a comprehensive course search tool.

3. A safe, multicultural society

Australia is located in the Asia-Pacific region, the climate is mild and pleasant. Besides, its environment is not only simple, but also has good public security and political stability. It is an extremely safe country for studying or traveling. Australia is a melting pot of nations, 30% of the population is immigrants from more than 100 different countries around the world. In such a country with diverse cultures and a deep worldview, the people are kind and welcome overseas people.

4. Reasonable cost

The tuition and living expenses in Australia are cheaper and reasonable than some other western English-speaking countries. You can make a detailed analysis according to your itinerary before going abroad to prepare enough funds.

5. Great accessibility

Although Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, there are currently three airlines that regularly fly directly to major cities in Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and many other airlines can fly to various cities in Australia via connecting flights. The non-stop flight time is about 8-9 hours, which is extremely fast and convenient.

6. Students can work legally

Students holding an Australian student visa can work legally, and basically can work 20 hours a week during the school period. You can work full-time during school breaks.

7. Overseas student support service

Schools and educational institutions at all levels pay great attention to the needs of overseas students, whether it is curriculum design or hardware facilities, they will be taken into consideration. There are counseling rooms for overseas students in each school to provide life information and counseling at any time.

There are so many advantage of studying in Australia, so it is not surprising that thousands of students tend to study in country every year.

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