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All that you wanted to know about mommy makeover

Post childbirth, the women’s body undergoes various changes that impact their body shape and appearance significantly. While going through the joyous moments of tending to the newborn, mothers are often concerned about their own bodies. The various hormonal changes that the body undergoes before and after pregnancy, together with the physical strains of labor and lactation, have a combined effect on the body and cause visible physical changes. From gaining weight to sagging breasts and excess skin and fat around the stomach, various changes can alter the shape and size of the body so much that it becomes challenging to find clothes that fit well on the newly acquired body.

After childbirth, women undergo immense psychological changes, and along with the bodily changes, experience mental complexities that can cause unhappiness. Women can undergo cosmetic surgical procedures to bring back the body in shape and regain youthful looks to address the issues positively.  An experienced cosmetic surgeon can provide a mommy makeover recovery timeline with the assurance of making the patient acquire a shapely body.


Combined procedure

Since the bodily changes after childbirth primarily affect the abdominal area and the breasts because the muscles and tissues of these areas undergo maximum stress, become loose, and alter the shape of that body part.  To regain the body’s overall condition by addressing the issues affecting the abdomen and breasts, the cosmetic surgeon typically recommends a combined procedure of tummy tuck and breast augmentation. The surgeon might also recommend liposuction for obese patients.

This article focuses on the various aspects of preparation and treatment that should help set the right expectations.

Initial assessment

After you decide to undergo a mommy makeover, consult your chosen cosmetic surgeon to assess your physical and medical condition to identify the changes that happened to the body. The doctor will conduct a physical examination to assess the status of your body and suggest the procedures necessary for removing excess fat, reducing weight, tightening the muscles, tissues, and skin, and breast augmentation so that the body regains the shape as desired. The surgeon will prepare a plan for the surgery and advice you about how to prepare while helping to set the right expectations. You can share some earlier pictures of your body with the surgeon to help them understand what you want to achieve.

The treatment

Although the mommy makeover treatment mainly involves more than one procedure and can take several hours to complete, it does not require hospitalization. The doctor would carry out the procedure in an outpatient setting like a daycare clinic. Usually, the doctor performs the surgeries under general anesthesia, and it could even take a whole day to recover and return home in the evening.

The process of recovery

The surgeon would complete the dressing of the incisions with bandages. There might be a few slender tubes beside the incisions for draining fluids that you would discover after regaining consciousness. You would feel some bruising, swelling, and moderate pain.

You may have to wear surgical garments during recovery for faster healing and preventing fluid backup. Total recovery time is about six weeks, although you can start limited activities after two weeks.  

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