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Does Bed Bug Proof Furniture Exist?

There are some cities in America that have more of a bed bug problem than others. Once you have bed bugs, they can be difficult to eliminate. And, who wants to stay in a hotel with bed bugs? Something has to be done and done quickly. More and more hotels in problem areas are opting to get bed bug-resistant furniture for their rooms. This is important because the bed bug problem is getting worse, not better, in the U.S.


Where Is the Bed Bug the Worst?

Before 10 years ago, bed bugs were not a major problem, but in recent years bed bugs are turning up in both low-cost and expensive hotels, homes, health care facilities, shelter facilities, and colleges. Bed bugs spread from place to place by hitching rides in luggage, purses, and clothing. They are good at hiding in mattresses and other furniture that has creases and seams or joints.

The cities with the worst bed bug problems include:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Detroit
  • San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, California
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland

In these places, bed bug resistant furniture can help eliminate the bed bug problem. This furniture can be made of molded plastic, steel, or wood that eliminates most joints and seams so there is no place for bed bugs to hide. Then they use the latest technology to make bed bug-resistant mattresses and box springs. This furniture has no place for bed bugs to hide.

Bed Bug Resistant furniture helps

Furniture with no place for bed bugs to conceal themselves and lay eggs helps avoid bed bug infestations. So, owners of hotels and other places the public might stay overnight at are constantly looking for bed bug resistant furniture with varying degrees of success. Bed frames are being made that don’t have places for bed bugs and are coated with slippery finishes.

Bed bugs like wood and fabric more than metal and plastic, so using those materials helps avoid bed bugs. But, wood and fabrics make for human comfort, so they are popular in furnishings. Can wood and fabric be made more bed bug resistant? Vinyl and leather-covered chairs and sofas are the most bed bug resistant. When a fabric is used as upholstery material, there is no way to make it completely bed bug resistant. But, steam cleaning, especially along all seams, will kill the bugs and their eggs.

Completely eliminating bed bugs requires diligence and frequent steam cleaning of all fabrics in the rooms. There are bed bug resistant mattress encasements that also work rather well.

Avoiding Bed Bugs

When staying in hotels, there are steps ordinary people can take to avoid taking bed bugs home. Read a hotel’s reviews before leaving on a trip.

  • First, store suitcases in the bathroom where there are hard surfaces.
  • Inspect the hotel room for bed bugs before getting comfortable. Look between mattress and box spring and in upholstered furniture. Check corners and seems in the bedding.
  • Check areas close to the bed for hiding places and bugs. This could be under a phone or behind picture frames.
  • Don’t store suitcases on the spare bed or carpeted floor. Use the luggage rack or top of a dresser or desk.
  • Consider bringing plastic covers for suitcases or cover the luggage with garbage bags.
  • Teach any children these same habits and explain about bed bugs. If there is evidence of insecticide being used, ask to switch rooms or even move to another hotel.
  • If you find evidence of bed bugs, ask to move at least two floors away because bed bugs move through walls, electrical wires, and sockets.

Hotels should be acting in a responsible way to prevent bed bugs, and travelers should take precautions to be safe.

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