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Best hamburger restaurants in Buenos Aires

According to the site Statista, Argentina is the second most visited country in South America, with seven million international visitors arrivals. The fact that Argentina is a fantastic place to visit explains why many people choose it as a destination for tourism.

Even though Argentina has many great regions that are worthvisiting, the city of Buenos Aires has a special enchant for tourists. Known as “the Paris of Latin America”, the Argentinian capital city has such incredible things to offer that one visit is just not enough to cover them all.

In fact, since Buenos Aires is quite affordable for travelers from countries with high-value currencies  (such as the American dollar or Euro) many of them choose to stay abroad for a long time and get an immersive experience into the local culture and language.

Language tourism is a massive trend in Buenos Aires. There are several Spanish school in Buenos Aires where you can improve your skills while enjoying the great highlights of the city. Spanish language school in Buenos Aires offer flexible programs to students so they can get the perfect learning experience abroad.

Culinary delights are among the attractions of Buenos Aires. Several incredible dishes are worth trying in the city, from delicious pizzas to the famous Argentinian barbecue. But, what only a few people know is that there’s a growing gourmet hamburger trend in the city.

It started shortly before the pandemic through delivery services. It got bigger and bigger to the point that it’s now quite possible to run through a gourmet hamburger venue while strolling around.

What is the main characteristic of a gourmet hamburger?

For a long time, hamburgers were associated with fast food. Global chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Sonic Drive-in, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, Whataburger, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., Five Guys, and many other chains made hamburgers famous for being a fast food item. 

As many of us know, fast food puts the speed of service first, resigning other factors, such as the quality of the meal or its taste in less relevant places.

Fortunately, a global gourmet trend is changing values regarding food. Nowadays, there are many people who prioritize eating healthy and tasty meals, with carefully selected ingredients arranged to delight the most exigent palates.

As well as many other metropolitan cities, Buenos Aires has embraced the gourmet burger trend, and it has many excellent venues to enjoy delicious hamburgers. 

Where to eat a gourmet hamburger in Buenos Aires?

Below, you will find a list of the best hamburger restaurants in the Argentinians capital city.

  1. Carne

Created by the chef Mauro Colagreco, Carne is a hamburger restaurant that uses artisan bread and the most carefully produced eggs and meat to develop great-tasting hamburgers with double-cooked chips. 

There are currently four branches of Carne, but only one is located in the Buenos Aires City neighborhood of San Telmo, 269 Defensa Street.

  1. Big Pons

Great service and excellent meat quality are the main characteristics of Big Pons. This new chain recently opened five branches, one of which is located in the fancy neighborhoods of Palermo, Buenos Aires. You can also eat at Big Pons in the neighborhood of Belgrano and Boedo, another famous districts of the city.

Big Pons’ double burger with crispy onions is for sure the most amazing dish at this shop.

  1. Williamsburg

Home-style burgers that can be sized from 140 to 200 grams make Williamsburg worth visiting. They are made from premium Argentinian meat and topped with a homemade bun. Williamsburg is also a great place for vegans since they recently added a vegan option to their menu.

Williamsburg branches can be found in Palermo and Belgrano neighborhoods.

  1. Burger Joint

Ranked as the 19th Best Burger place in the World a couple of years ago, Burger Joint is one of the most amazing restaurants if you enjoy the creativity in the combination of ingredients and excellent quality.

Burger Joint has a single branch located in the fancy Palermo, at 1766 Borges Street.

  1. Dogg

An original hot dog place that turned out to be one of the most fantastic hamburger restaurants, Dogg is the chef Máximo Togni.

Dogg’s hamburgers are known for their 200 grams of grass-fed Aberdeen Angus meat on a artisanal bread. 

The restaurant is located in Palermo and Belgrano neighborhoods and has another branch in the city of Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province. 

  1. The Food Truck Store

Created by Rodo Cámara, a pioneer in the food trucks business, this restaurant, located in Recoleta and Barrio Norte neighborhoods, is known for its unique recipe that combines the best hamburger tradition across the globe.

Aside from selling hamburgers, it offers the ingredients for customers to prepare their dishes at home.

  1. Saint Burger

Saint Burger is definitely one of the top ten burger places in Buenos Aires, thanks to its fantastic roast beef hamburger topped with a homemade bread. It’s located in a historical building of Montserrat neighborhood, near the downtown area and many great attractions of Buenos Aires. 

Another highlight of Saint Burger is their rustic and crunchy chips that can be enjoyed with delicious cheddar or a special sauce. 

  1. Burgertify

If you are looking for really powerful hamburgers, Burgertify is the right place to go. They offer double or triple hamburgers of high-quality meat, complemented with bacon and other ingredients, according to each customer choice.

Its retro video game aesthetic venue is located in the fancy neighborhood of Palermo, at 5265 Honduras Street.

  1. Voraz

A fast-growing business that has already opened four branches in Buenos Aires, Voraz offers double burgers with cheddar, onion, pickles, bacon, ketchup, and aioli, a garlic sauce of Spanish Italian origin. 

If you are looking for a vegetarian option, Voraz has it, with their ovolactovegetarian hamburger inspired by Coscu, an internet influencer from Chile. 

  1. La Birra Bar

Translated as “The beer bar,” this restaurant opened in 2001 in the neighborhood of Boedo and has now developed into twelve branches in Buenos Aires, one in Miami, and is about to open its Madrid venue.

The key to its success is innovation in combining ingredients and the quality of its homemade products.

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