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Best Supplements for Men

Healthy adults often don’t need supplements. They get needed vitamins and minerals from the foods they eat. However, countless individuals find they are lacking in one or more vitamins or minerals and their health is suffering as a result.

In addition, certain individuals need supplements as a result of a diagnosed nutritional deficiency, a condition that leads to nutrient malabsorption, or restricted access to foods. Men and women who have undergone bariatric surgery also need nutritional support in the form of supplements. Vegans and vegetarians may also need this type of support. 

Supplements for Men

How can a male find the best supplements for men? What should they be looking for when browsing the website of an industry leader? This depends on what nutrient deficiencies they are experiencing and what they wish to get from a supplement. 


Potassium Deficiencies

Potassium helps to regulate fluid levels in the body. Men who use steroids or laxatives may find they are lacking in potassium, and the same is true of males who take antibiotics or high blood pressure medicines. However, a chronic kidney disease, an adrenal gland disorder, or excessive alcohol use can also bring about a deficiency of this mineral.

A lack of potassium can lead to heart issues, such as arrhythmia or cardiac arrest. The male may find they experience muscle cramps regularly or have breathing issues. The person might feel dazed and confused or find they are constantly thirsty. Any man who is experiencing these symptoms should see their doctor and determine if a potassium supplement is needed. 

Vitamin D Deficiencies

Many people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, which isn’t surprising. Most people find it hard to get an adequate supply of this vitamin through their diet alone. The body can make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, but experts believe up to one billion individuals worldwide are lacking in this vitamin. The use of sunscreen has made this condition more commonplace, and the amount of time people spend indoors today plays a role as well. 

As people age, the way their body synthesizes vitamin D also changes because there are biological changes in the skin. Every person should speak with their doctor to see if they need a supplement that contains vitamin D. Many men will find they do. 

Magnesium Deficiencies

Magnesium deficiencies aren’t overly common. However, for those people with this type of deficiency, treatment is needed. A deficiency in this mineral can lead to fatigue, weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, and more. As the deficiency worsens, a person might experience numbness and tingling, cardiac problems, and seizures. Starvation, fat malabsorption, alcoholism, and kidney malfunction are common causes of a magnesium deficiency. 

Individuals with diabetes, certain gastrointestinal disorders, and chronic alcoholism are more at risk of being deficient in this mineral. It is also more common in children and older adults. Often, the first line of treatment is oral or IV supplementation. However, the doctor may then recommend regular magnesium supplementation. Take care when using these supplements, as they can also lead to health issues, including vomiting and diarrhea. 

Every person should speak to their doctor before taking a new supplement. This ensures a person doesn’t get too much of a good thing. A vitamin or mineral overdose can lead to vomiting, stomach cramps, a loss of hair, fatigue, mild nerve damage and more. In addition, certain vitamins and minerals can interact with prescription and over-the-counter medications. A doctor will ensure the right supplement is being taken and won’t do more harm than good. 

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