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Best Weight Gain Android Apps

Weight gain is a difficult thing for people who are malnourished. Nutritionists and dieticians suggest people taking help from mobile apps. These apps help them in keeping a record of their diet and offer health tips on how to gain weight. They also motivate them to follow a plan. People are satisfied with the performance of these apps. This article will explain famous apps to increase your weight.


My Fitness Pal 

This is an app that works on smartphones. It has websites as well. This is the best app for keeping a check on your daily calorie count. It also motivates the user by sending notifications. People who are trying to look healthy use this app. It helps in knowing the details of the nutrients as well. You can scan the code on the food item you want to check your calories for. You can manually add the names of the food product as well. It will tell you the total calories. This is a great way to increase your calories. You can eat your favorite protein and carbohydrates by checking the count of calories. It has an extensive database for food products.

Life Sum 

It is another amazing app to tell you about your weight and health. This app is specifically targeted at people who are wanting to put on some weight. A high-protein diet, a keto diet, and a high-calorie diet are available in this app. It has both premium and free options for the users. It is cost-effective as well. You can set your goals on it as well. It will do micro-counting for you. You can also switch between different diets and meals. It is user-friendly. Your overall health is promoted by using this app. It works both on Android and iPhone. As compared to other apps, this app has low prices.

Eat Wise

Sometimes people struggle with eating at appropriate times. This is a major contributor to weight loss. Many people who are working in offices or have a busy work environment have complained about this issue. Eat wise is a great help. It has a great database and reminding system. These reminders will help you in taking your meals. You will not be facing any more unattended weight loss issues. It is important to have snacks and meals in between your hectic day. It is completely free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for increasing your weight by getting reminders. It has friendly features. You can easily use it to get your weight back.

Weight Track Assistant 

The best tracking app for your weight is the weight track assistant. It works perfectly fine with android and apple. You can use it easily anywhere. Developers have made it extremely easy to use by incorporating easy features. The fat composition can also be tracked by this app. By measuring each party of the body, fat levels can easily be measured. You can also do the calories calculations on this app. Fitness meals and workout plans are also available on this app. People love to use it for the amazing food catalog. It also offers free video tutorials for workout sessions. You can also work on your muscle composition by working on the basic meals. Many dieticians recommend this app for people who are worried about their weight. It also helps them in calming down by showing their progress.

Fitness Meal Planner

It is common for people that they don’t want to count their calories. They think that it is a time-taking process. They don’t require to waste their energy on this counting because of their busy routine. People are looking for apps that give them access to already planned meals. A fitness meal planner is your friend for this purpose. Healthy high-calorie food is available in the form of planners here. It will give you the best healthy meals. You just have to add your initial measurements. You also have to add the body goals to this app. The app will automatically detect the foods for your ideal weight. It has a simple design. If there is something you are allergic to, it will restrict it. This app suggests the weight gains and intensity of the workouts as well.

Calorie, Carb, And Fat Counter 

If you want to live healthily and feel great about yourself, you should download this app. This app will help you in counting the calories and fat for your body. It is one of the most trusted apps by users. You can get personalized plans according to your body type by answering certain questions. The scanning option is also available for a variety of food items. Personalized meal plans are available as well. This app is available for free and premium. The features are highly accessible. You can keep track of your fat and daily intake of carbohydrates by manually adding the foods in them. You can rely on the fat and calorie counter for reaching your goals.

Health And Nutrition Guide Calorie App 

This app is popular for its amazing features. It has many functions. It is built to provide an efficient and effective solution for people trying to improve their weight. It gives you details about the nutritional status of food or a meal. It also helps in suggesting the right meal for you. It is easy to use. You don’t have to pay anything to access the features of the app. This app is helping people understand the concept of nutrients and health in a simple way. It keeps the users aware of their bodies, fitness, and health.

Weight gain is now an easy process with the help of weight tracking apps. They are benefitting people by providing accurate information regarding their weight and health. By putting your weight and goals on these apps, you can get your personalized plans. You can easily count your calories, fats, and carbohydrates on these apps. They are cost-effective, and some of them are even free. People are taking advantage of these apps.

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