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Dave Chappelle Net Worth Revealed – How Rich is the Standup Comedian?

Dave Chappelle is an American stand-up comedian and actor who got famous for his popular comedy sketch series, “Chappelle’s Show,” which ran from 2003 to 2006.

Since then, he’s been making everyone laugh with his jokes, and while he’s at it, he made quite a fortune for himself. But how much is he worth? This article will finally reveal Dave Chappelle’s net worth and all there is to know about the African-American comedian.


Dave Chappelle Net Worth

Dave Chappelle Net Worth is more than $100 million. In 2016, he received $60M from Netflix to run his Stand-Up specials on Netflix. Some say he earned more than $80M from the whole deal.


Image Credit: SNL YouTube


He’s been under the spotlight lately due to what some people find “offensive” comments on the transgender community.

Dave Chappelle Biography

Dave Khari Webber Chappelle was born in Washington, DC, on August 24, 1973. He was born to his parents, who were both professors.


Dave is from a well-known family, as his parents, William David Chappelle III and Yvonne Chappelle Seon, were professors. His great-grandfather’s name was Bishop David Chappelle, and he was the president of Allen University.

When he was young, Dave’s parents divorced, and he started living with his mother. He would rarely meet his father in Ohio.

Dave Chappelle Early Childhood

Since his childhood, Dave has idolized the likes of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. His parents and friends say that he was into comedy, monologues, and humorous antics from the start. When they saw Dave like that, they figured that Dave might grow up and pursue a career in comedy.

As he lived with his mother in Silver Spring, Maryland, he went to the Woodlin Elementary School before he transferred to his next school to pursue a high school education. Dave graduated from the Duke Ellington School of Arts in 1991, from where he majored in Theater arts.

Comedy Career

He started his early career in the first episode of America’s Funniest People on ABC. It was September 13th, 1990, when this episode aired where it showed a montage of him telling people a joke, which kickstarted his comedy career. 
After that, Dave knew he had to play big in comedy, so he moved to New York, where he performed at the Apollo Theater – that wasn’t a good experience as he was booed. Even then, Dave didn’t give up and started performing here and there – he would also perform locally at the city park to random people.

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