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Kountry Wayne Net Worth Revealed – How Rich is the Comedian?

Wayne Colley, also known as Kountry Wayne, is an American actor, standup comedian, and social media influencer who uploads his stills and funny videos on social media platforms.

As of today, Kountry Wayne has a successful social media presence with more than 3.4 million followers on Instagram and almost 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Kountry Wayne Colley

You may have seen a lot of internet comedians, but when it comes to Kountry Wayne, this guy has an insane sense of humor and style that sets him apart from the masses. 

The comedian has been making a lot of money from his comedy shows and social media videos. We will reveal his net worth later in the article, so stay tuned.

Kountry Wayne Bio

The African-American comedian’s full name is Wayne Colley, but he is known on the internet as Kountry Wayne. He was born on December 9th, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia. 


Name Wayne Colley aka Kountry Wayne
Age 35 Years
Weight Unknown
Height 6ft
Profession Standup Comedian
Nationality American
Wife Unknown (ex Gena Colley)
Net Worth $5 Million


When it comes to his childhood and early life, the social media star has been successful in keeping it a secret. Even though no information can be found about his early years, he said that his father has supported him since the beginning. 


Kountry Wayne Bio
Image: Old phone from Instagram


“This me 10yrs ago Chilling in Butler Home Projects in Statesboro GA! I was winning the wrong game. But I picked up the word, and God started leading me towards a different route. My book of my life story comes out next year and when it drop, people are going to understand why I say JESUS IS POPPIN! God took me from this to comedy, so imagine where he can take you,” Kountry Wayne posted the caption with this photo on Instagram.

Personal Life & Relationships

Wayne has been in a lot of relationships in the past. He has around 9-10 kids from different girls. His current relationship is still unknown, but we do know that he dated Gena Colley – they’re not together anymore. 

Kountry Wayne first became a father at the age of only 17 years old. He had a baby with his college girlfriend. At the age of 19, he was a father of two. 

His relationship with Gena Colley officially started in 2017 – they got married that year. The couple had two kids together named Melissa and Honest Dream. After two years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2019 when his wife found out that Kountry had been cheating on her with another standup comedian named Jess Hilarious.

Kountry Wayne Career

At first, Wayne wanted to be a musician. He didn’t consider comedy to be a real profession, but when he started doing stand-up shows, he got an excellent response. The response and love from his audience made him switch to comedy; now you see that he is blowing up on the internet with his funny videos and dark humor.

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As he started his acting and comedy career, he started getting attention from directors who saw the talent in him. He got several roles in movies. Here’s a list of movies Wayne starred in:


  • Holliday Heartbreak
  • The Turnaround
  • Brazilian Wavy

TV Series

  • Wild ‘N Out 
  • DJ Smallz Eyes

Kountry Wayne – Comedy, YouTube, and Success

It was the year 2014 when he first uploaded his video on Facebook. The uncanny is that his first video went viral, which boosted his confidence and kickstarted his comedy and acting career.


Kountry Wayne - Comedy, YouTube, and Success
Image Source: Instagram


This is the first-ever video uploaded by Kountry Wayne that blew up:


After this video, he posted a series of funny videos, and almost every video is getting tons of media attention, especially on social media sites.

On his YouTube channel, he has got a total of 400 million views on his videos. This is a lot for a YouTuber. It clearly illustrates how successful his YouTube channel is going. This brings revenue and a load of opportunities regarding sponsorships, live shows, and appearances.

Now that we know how he started and where Kountry Wayne is heading in his acting and comedy career, let’s talk about how much he makes and his net worth.

Kountry Wayne Net Worth

Since Kountry Wayne has been successful in his acting and comedy career, he has also made a lot of money. 

According to online sources, Kountry Wayne has a net worth of $5 million, which is only increasing.

Is Kountry Wayne Writing a Book?

Yes, he is writing a book about his life story; the book will be titled “Help is On The Way.” 

According to Amazon preorders, the book is coming out in April 2023. Although, the preorders have already started.

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