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Using Google Apps and File Sharing Services in the Healthcare Industry: 3 Tips

We all know the Internet is vast and it can sometimes be treacherous. Malicious acts such as stealing credit card information and data breaching are common on the world wide web. And today we are gonna talk about using google applications and file-sharing services in the healthcare industry that could help you. Since there are a lot of security breaches that could occur, consider investing in trusted applications that could give you the benefit of security and a worthy subscription.

Investing in a cheap and sketchy file-sharing service could not be ideal.  Last year, they recorded 500 or more recorded healthcare data breaches every day. According to others, every data breach costs them $9.3 million per occurrence. The HIPAA breach chances could go smaller or even be prevented at all if you choose a good and reliable file-sharing service.


Benefits of having reliable file-sharing software

1. It is Accessible Anywhere And Anytime

Whether you are working on-site or remotely, you or your workers could easily access it. If your company delivers internationally, you can coordinate with other clients from other countries to who you can provide services to 

Using a reliable file-sharing service will help you create a better data system. This will help your clients to attain convenience and to give them satisfaction with your company’s services. Having reliable file-sharing software will help you be flexible in any situation. So you should really consider investing in good and secure file-sharing software.

2. Secures Your Data 

In a company, security is one of the most important things you should invest in. Your client’s data should be kept confidential and should be taken good care of. Your company will be liable for security breaches that may cause collateral damage. It is essential to study and look for reliable file-sharing software.

Looking for reliable and secure file-sharing software could be easy for you and in the end, you will benefit from it. Your standards of looking for software should be above average. The tools and services are a starter from choosing one, this will depend on your preference and your environment of work. Although when a company executes a secure file-sharing solution among their employees’ devices, everyone could sync and share their information with each other.  Ideally, you could hire an IT tech support expert to help you with securing your data and data security.

3. Able to Create Data Backup And Data Recovery

It is common to have inconveniences and accidents in the line of work. It is possible that your gadget or device you are using could crash, and you may have not saved the hours of work you’ve done. Commonly, there are solutions and the reliable software that you’ve invested in could help you with those kinds of inconveniences. There are tools that could help you recover it all, could be a file or an online drive. 

A reliable file-sharing software or tool could perform common data backups. The data backups can help you in ensuring the quantities of your files. This may notify you that you have the same version or common name on it. The backup or recovery can be easily maneuvered with the tools that support data security.  

4. Collaboration Use

The purpose of collaboration use is not only for security data purposes, but also to share the data at the same time. This will expand the use of your workspace or your employees’ workspace. This will support not only the use of your employees’ but possibly your clients as well.

The main use of this tool is to maximize time and fix minor errors in the data at the same time. This will help you track down the errors and at the same time, you get help from your employees. This will easily help you from reaching your company’s goals by securing your data input and security.

3 Tips For Using Google Applications And File-Sharing Services in The Healthcare Industry:


3 Tips For Using Google Applications And File-Sharing Services in The Healthcare Industry


1. Choose Healthcare or Business Version

Valuing your client’s data or your company is a must. Creating the free consumer version has limited tools that you should reconsider using. It could be practical to use the free version, but buying or using the non-free version will help you with your company’s security and data storage privileges. 

Also, take note that free versions weren’t designed for protecting PHI in a HIPAA-regulated environment. With healthcare and business versions, this will provide you with the tools that you need to create convenience for your work and for your employees. 

2. Turn on Notifications And Always Check Logs

In any kind of company, you have to know or set the roles of your employees. It is important to set up roles that have the privilege to view the important data of your clients. 

It is important to know and to view the logs of every employee and to look after if they’re doing their role properly. 

You should be aware that they might be suspicious actions or breach attempts that might happen. This will give you time to secure the data of your work or the client’s important credentials. 

3. Don’t Trust Any Users

There are a lot of possibilities that could happen if you give permission to a link that should be set to an individual only. Usually, the users are the common starters of data leaks. You should consider giving a precautionary warning to users who will have access to your data. 

Consider giving an expiring link, this could prevent unwanted users from accessing your files. This type of link expires once it is used so the person with who you shared it would not be able to share it with anyone else. 


Taking care of your clients and their data is very important, especially if you are in the healthcare industry. You have valuable information that is harmful when it comes into the wrong hands. It’s a good thing that you have several options on how to keep your data secure. We hope that the benefits and tips we shared can help you in keeping your consumer data protected. Good luck and all the best! 

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