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It is a dream to accessorise one’s house with a pretty backyard. Almost all homes in Australia have some backyard, and these are called by different names–porches, patios, balconies, verandas, etc. Although these are used interchangeably, they all refer to different styles of outdoor organisation.

There are roughly 8 million occupied private households in Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart are the best-suggested cities for rural/urban dwellings. The houses here are cozy yet spacious enough to have a pretty backyard. Patios in Brisbane, Melbourne and other residential areas are the most sought after when building a new home.

Many construction and designer services specialise in imagining dreamy, perfect backyards to fit the image of your home. In case of budget living, worry not! Many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) methods are cheap and affordable but provide grandeur and beauty as a designer patio.

What are the types of backyards?

There are many different names given to backyards based on the activities they are used for. Mostly, these terms are interchangeable. But they all differ from one another in actuality. Here are a few favourite styles for a backyard:

  • Porches: Porches are generally found upfront, in the entryway to one’s home. Typically, they are used as small gardens for seasonal vegetables and local herbs. Some people prefer having a sheltered porch that acts as an extension of the interior house. This type is used as a place to chill from the irritating weather conditions. (Australia gets hot during the summers!)
  • Patios: Patios are the most popular and most sought after style of backyard. These represent your typical Pinterest aesthetic and are an excellent addition to accessorise one’s home. Referring to the living space outside of your house (typically at the back), these patios can be used to relax, garden or hold tea parties. Patios can be both covered and uncovered based on customer convenience. Many patios in Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney usually come with covers due to the warm temperatures all around the year.
  • Decks: Decks are almost always towards the back or the side of a house. These are roofless extensions of the interiors that ideally serve as a setting for BBQ nights, dinners, brunches and other small events. Some decks can be covered using shamianas or canopies based on the client’s necessities to add to the aesthetic.
  • Verandas: Verandas and balconies are very similar to each other in terms of enclosures. However, verandas refer to all kinds of chambers around the house, especially the ground floor. They act as ground floor balconies. Verandas are placed so that they provide easy access to both the main door and backdoor. These are used for all kinds of outdoor activities, from birthday parties to a game of catch.

Although these terms slightly differ from one another and have certain specifications, the final design of the backyard typically ends up being a concoction of all these styles!

Affordable Backyards

Many designer companies offer super affordable backyards to suit your home. Several patios in Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide are designed by famous designers based on your budget! For example, there are many different styles of patios that one might have never heard of:

  • Aluminium Patios that come with a rust-free aluminium overhead
  • Patio rooms, enclosed as transparent rooms by the pool
  • Carport patios that have an extended shed to serve as an open garage
  • Sculpted patios with staircases and other living spaces built within them to seamlessly blend with the rest of the house

The scope for craftsmanship is endless. These affordable services typically have installation teams that promptly work to give you the dream backyard you envisioned!

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