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Easy Tips That Make You Fat Without Taking Weight Gain Medicine

Many of us have to hear such things and be embarrassed. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. You have to be socially humiliated and physically anxious for this. There are ways to get rid of this worry. Just follow a few rules and you will get the great figure of your dreams. Then do these ten things without delay from today.


Why we lose weight?

For various reasons, Mini-Big Hype often loses weight as many of us do not eat according to the rules. If we eat at 9 pm today, we may eat tomorrow at 11 pm. It causes digestive problems; the body does not take nutrients. Many again have thyroid which does not allow the metabolism to be good. So the body structure is not good. Another cause of weight loss is diabetes. And even if someone has cancer or HIV, losing weight is not surprising. Many again genetic means mean hereditary.

How to gain weight and get fat?

We talked about the cause of the problem, let’s come to the solution. You want to be leaner and fatter which means you want more muscle, you want more calories. Whoever wants it should have flesh on it.

Eat more calories than burn:

See, if we want to be lean, we take less calories and burn calories. In this case, the opposite will happen. You take in more calories meals to gain weight. If you want to build calories slowly, then take 500 calories more than you need every day. And if you desire to increaseyour weight quickly, take 600 calories. If you do this for a few weeks, you will see great results.

Get proper protein intake:

But protein is a very important ingredient for body building. Without protein but with more calories there will be no benefit because then those calories will become fat. We need protein to build muscle but most of all we need to increase muscle to gain weight. 1.5 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of protein should be taken. You like to eat high protein foods like eggs. Keep up with dairy products.

Exercise to gain weight:

You have to exercise every day to gain weight. And just running or jogging is not sufficient to increase weight. Need to go to the gym and lift weights. Sit up, push up, you have to do all this, moreover you must do cardio. Understand your strengths can lift dumbbells. And it is better to do all this with askilledinstructor. The trainer will tell you what to do base on your heaviness and manifestation. So let’s start the morning with a little equipment from now on.

Eat again and again:

If you want to gain weight, eat again and again and do more. But everyone should eat again and again. You eat something every two hours. Time and time again you fill these small mills with things like fruit, lamb, and yogurt. This will nourish the body and increase your weight.

Don’t forget carbohydrates:

If you want to gain weight, you should not forget about carbohydrates. So eat these carbohydrates twice a day. However, do not fill the plate and eat to gain weight. Eat moderately, but a little more than usual. Keep it in mind so that it does not become fat in the body.

Eat milk and honey before going to bed:

But it is absolutely infallible to gain weight. If you eat something before going to bed that can be quite nutritious and has calories, but it is not costing you to sleep. That will boost your weight. Milk and honey will do just that. Drink honey with milk before meals. You are bound to benefit.

Eat dry fruits:

Dry fruit has huge amount of fats and calories. This will increase your weight effortlessly. Get up in the morning and eat two cashews and two raisins every day. Don’t forget it. And eat two almonds for breakfast. Sometimes you can eat pesto. Put little more nuts in your diet. You can see how you have gained weight in one month.

Reduce stress Reduce anxiety:

This is a cure for all problems, reduce anxiety. I know it is very hardtoday and also as much as possible. Try to sleep well at night. As a rule, eight hours of sleep is a must. Not fewer than 8 hours. Get up in the morning. It makes the mind feel good. But these have to be done according to the rules.

There is no objection to outside food:

Don’t have too much fun listening to it. You can eat all junk food. But it is also very moderate. Usually others are forbidden to eat these. You are being told because you need to gain weight. So eat as much as he needs. You can keep a little chocolate and cheese in your diet.

But remember one thing. Rose should drink water as a rule. There is no such thing as good medicine. And remove the inferiority complex of being thin from you and match yourself in front of everyone with a beautiful figure.

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