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Eating Dry Fruits For A Healthy Skin & Hair: Yes Or No?

We all take maximum viable measures to make ourselves healthier and achieve a better version of ourselves, with each passing day – be it the quest for better skin or better hair. We try different products and we try different treatments but more often than not, they end up backfiring. It is a gamble that you need to be willing to take but you have to ask yourself – at what cost? Is it worth it?

A more natural and healthier way of achieving the same is by consuming dry fruits, daily, for an extended period. Believe it or not, the nutritional constituents that dry fruits have to cater to different parts of the body and help in growth and development (hair and skin included). Experts believe that eating dry fruits for a considerable amount of time can lead to healthier and better skin and hair quality. Let us know more about this.

How can dry fruits lead to healthier skin and hair?

For this, we are going to ignore all the remedies and processes of the application. We shall focus only on the positive effects that consuming these dry fruits can have on our skin and hair. The economical thing to do is buy in bulk at once. Before you shop, you should watch out for dry fruits price, quality and compare the variety of vendors to buy the best.

Almonds are rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, fibres and other essential oils that help treat and reduce acne, leading to smoother and softer skin. Raisins, for example, keep the eyes healthy and help retain their natural colour and glow. Also, raisins contain a kind of antioxidant called Resveratol, which helps slow down the skin ageing process greatly. Other than this, dry fruits contain good fats, omega 3 acids and other nutrients that nourish the skin and maintain the glow.

Dry fruits like walnuts and almonds are rich sources of iron, Vitamin E and protein that helps in strengthening the hair from the roots and prevents hair loss to a considerable degree. However, one must consume them regularly to be able to feel the benefits. Also, dates are rich in iron and if consumed daily, can promote the growth of hair.

The process

The body, when consuming food or operating as per usual, develops and circulates a lot of toxins within itself, which leads to deterioration of skin and hair over time. This means that we need to remove these toxins from our body now and then. Dry Fruits, apart from packing nutritional value, also contains essential antioxidants that help in removing these toxins from the body thereby leading to healthier and glowing skin and thicker and healthier hair.

What dry fruits should you consume for better hair and skin?

There are numerous dry fruits that you can opt for and all of them have various health benefits. However, the ones that we have listed below, top the charts when it comes to helping us achieve healthier skin and hair. The top 6 dry fruits that you need to consume each day to achieve the same are as follows:

Apricots (dried) – Dried Apricots aren’t that popular when it comes to dry fruits but if you want healthier hair and skin, this is easily one of the best options you can avail of. The presence of Vitamin A protects the skin and the hair from harmful UV radiation. Furthermore, dried apricots contain antioxidants that prevent the depletion of collagen and helps keep the skin fresh and healthy.

Walnuts – These are packed with Vitamin E and iron and work extremely well in strengthening the hair from the roots and keeping them healthy. It provides the hair follicles with the right amount of nourishment. Happilo Dry Fruits have a wide range of premium quality products that haven’t been added with preservatives or any additives. 

Dates – They may be sticky but they are tasty and they are most definitely, one of the most nutrient-rich dry fruit in existence. The high concentration of fibre cleanses the guts which keep us healthy and fresh from the inside and this, in turn, reflects on the skin, from the outside. The presence of Vitamins C and D helps to increase the skin elasticity which makes it look supple.

Almonds – Almonds are a rich source of protein and fibre. They help keep the skin healthy and fresh (prevents acne and pimples) and the protein helps to keep the hair follicles strong. Also, the presence of iron helps boost the growth of hair as well.

Prunes – Prunes contain more antioxidants than all the other dry fruits and that is why it is considered to be one of the best and most ideal dry fruits to consume regularly if your goal is flawless skin. Also, it reduces skin ageing by getting rid of wrinkles, reducing dark spots, preventing sagging, etc. it contains high amounts of Vitamin K, iron and manganese that keep the skin and hair healthy.

Cashew – Cashew is another great dry fruit that is as nutritious as it is delectable. Cashews are popular but not a lot of people are aware of the multiple benefits it offers when it comes to healthier hair and skin. Cashews contain oleic and linoleic acids that are essential if you want silky smooth hair and in volume. It keeps the hair healthy and enhances the texture as well. Furthermore, it is loaded with other minerals like phosphorus and zinc that encourages healthy cell formation that keeps the skin wrinkle-free and prevents the formation of fine lines.

The above information is just the tip of the iceberg – dry fruits have numerous benefits when it comes to helping people achieve healthier skin and hair (apart from the uncountable other health benefits that they provide). So if you want better-looking skin and healthier hair, start consuming the dry fruits mentioned above regularly and see the change, for yourself.

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