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Effective Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

Every small business must use marketing to attract new customers. However, most small business owners have limited funds for this purpose. They need to ensure they make the most of every dollar. 

To do so, they need to look at videography for marketing. Consumers love videos, as they can get the information they desire in little time. The video engages them. Business owners find they benefit as well. Why is video such an effective marketing tool today for businesses of any size? 


Increased Exposure

YouTube serves as one of the world’s largest search engines today, yet many people don’t realize this. More than 2.5 billion people log into YouTube each month, and each one of these individuals is a potential customer.

In fact, 62 percent of global consumers today say they use this platform, which now supports 80 languages. These individuals watch over one billion hours of video on the site each day. Engaging with these viewers increases brand exposure. 

Show the Value of Products and Services

Consumers want value for their money. While they may read a product or service description, this doesn’t mean they can see how the product or service being described will benefit them.

A video lets them discover the value with their own eyes. They see someone using the product or service and exactly how it solves a problem they are having. This then encourages them to make the purchase. Use a demo video to show the benefits of the product and include a call-to-action to see sales increase. 

Provide the Background Story

In addition to wanting to know how a product or service will benefit their lives, consumers also want to know who they are spending their money with. Gone are the days of the local five-and-dime, but consumers still want to trust that they will get a product or service from a reputable company.

Help them know more about the business and the people behind it by producing an introductory video. Share information about the founders of the business, the mission, and why these individuals chose to start this business. This is only one of several background videos consumers love. 

Provide a behind-the-scenes look by creating a video of daily operations. Create a video with frequently asked questions and their answers. Take the viewer on a tour of a buying trip. The ideas are endless when it comes to providing background videos that consumers love. 

Learn More About the Target Audience

Most video-sharing platforms today offer video metrics for producers. The small business owner can use the metrics to learn more about the target audience and what they like and dislike. 

For example, the owner can see how long audience members spend viewing videos and what portions of each video are being skipped or re-watched. Changes can be made to future videos once this information has been gathered. 

Metrics a business owner might wish to track include impressions, play rate, and engagement. The more a business knows about its audience, the easier it becomes to provide those things the audience is looking for. 

Learn more about video marketing today. Every business can benefit from using this marketing technique, and video marketing doesn’t cost as much as most people imagine. This is one tool that is of great benefit but is often overlooked. By using video marketing as part of an overall strategy to draw more customers in, a business can gain an edge over competitors and see sales take off. 

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