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Electricity bill payments: Then vs. now

To pay the bills, people used to line up in long queues. But as the internet has developed, everything has changed. People used to be hesitant to make online bill payments in the past due to their lack of confidence in the security of online transactions and their fear of losing money. However, the tide has turned and the internet has allowed us to minimize many of our efforts.

You can now pay all your bills online, including phone recharges, reservations and DHBVN electricity bills. Any task can be completed online; the only need is an internet-enabled hand-held device or laptop. Visit the website or mobile application and the rest will be completed in a few simple steps. First, let us take a look at online Electricity bill payments and the offline method, which was the only method available before.

Electricity bill

Electricity has evolved into one of the fundamental necessities of life, serving not only homes but also major industries. Whether for our household or large industrial machinery, we utilize electricity for many things. With such significance in our daily life, timely payment of DHBVN Electricity bills is necessary to enjoy a steady electricity supply. It will be a huge inconvenience if you fail to pay the bill on time and the power company decides to cut the power supply. There are different ways in which you can pay your electricity bills.

Online and Offline payments

Most people are fully aware of the distinctions between their two payment options. As simple as it may appear, the offline approach makes payments and transactions using cash or other valuables. The online method, in contrast, does not require using physical money to make a payment. But the money is debited from the bank account in real-time or at any pre-decided fixed time, depending on the payment and other factors.

Then vs. Now

  • Online transactions are simple and quick. Just a few taps are required to transfer money. Additionally, you can still use online modes to complete a large payment if you so desire. In the case of offline bill payments like before, you have to go to the bill payment center with your electricity bill and wait for your turn to pay it.
  • In the Online method, you can pay your DHBVN Electricity bills anywhere and anytime. Before, you’d have to wait for office hours to go to the Bill payment center and pay the bills.
  • You had to pay the exact bill amount without any money saving before. But now, with trusted payment service providers like MobiKwik, you can attain exciting offers, cashback and rewards while paying your electricity bills and saving money.
  • You had to carry money to pay offline for your MSEB electricity bills. This can sometimes lead to inconveniences like neither party having the exact change needed. This problem is eliminated in the online method, as you can pay the exact amount as in your invoice.
  • Unlike offline methods, you can save paper greatly as you are not using physical money for paper. This is hugely beneficial for the environment too.
  • The online method is superior to the offline method regarding safety too. You can pay your MSEB Electricity bill safely and securely through Online bill payment apps like MobiKwik, which ensures the complete protection of your data, whereas there is a chance someone can obtain your account details while using an offline method like card payment.
  • You may handle your invoices without hauling paper bills and checks if you pay your electricity bills online. You can always go through your transaction history in the bill payment app itself. In the offline method, you’d have to go through all the paperwork and carry around the bill for the payment. 


The advantages of Online Electricity bill payments are many. The government is also urging people to opt for the new method of Electricity bill payments, that is, the online method. This is to pave the way for a cashless economy. Your life will become much easier with online bill paying. You don’t have to wait in lengthy queues to pay your bills as you did in the past. Online payments have grown in popularity over the years. It simplifies our financial management.

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