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Experiential Marketing Explained

It can be tough to stand out in a sea of different marketing campaigns, so brands and businesses have to put in more marketing efforts than ever before. Now, finding the right audience is all about creating an experience. Ideally, an experiential marketing agency can step in and help you hit all the marks to reach your marketing goals.

What Exactly Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a strategy with the aim to fully immerse your customers within your product. You want your product and marketing to be so engaging that it stands out above all the others your audience may naturally gravitate towards. You’re not just selling an experience with experiential marketing—you’re selling a brand customers can connect to.

The goal of experiential marketing is to help improve customer engagement as well as win the engagement initially.  If your customer is engaged, they’ll typically generate over 20% more revenue for your brand, and you know that’s a plus. Experiences will be unique and incredibly memorable for the consumer if you do your marketing right, and therefore you’ll win that engagement.

Why Use An Experiential Marketing Agency?

These days anyone can do a few quick internet searches and learn some basic marketing skills. Experiential marketing, however, takes a deeper understanding of consumers and how they interact with products and react to different campaigns. It also requires tools and tactics you can’t learn from a simple google search, or even from a full basic marketing course.

Working directly with an experiential marketing agency will give you the best chance of reaching and engaging the right people within your audience. It’ll ensure your efforts aren’t wasted on campaigns that don’t work or perusers who won’t convert into consumers.

What Benefits Come with Experiential Marketing?

1. Personalized Engagement

Over 80% of consumers have stated they want to be treated like a person rather than just another number on a sales quota. Therefore, treating your customers like people and getting them to engage with your brand in a way they don’t engage with others is vital. If you immerse them in something they enjoy, then they’ll be more likely to come back and work with your brand again and again.

2. Stronger Connections

Around 60-70% of new sales will come from your existing customer base. Experiential marketing forges stronger connections between emotions and your product as well as your overall brand, and this will make them more likely to become and remain a customer.

3. Word of Mouth

If a customer likes your brand, then they’re more likely to help with your marketing by socially sharing it by word-of-mouth all across social media and even in person. They’ll repost your videos and pictures on social networks, send your website link to their friends, and show off your product in person whenever they get the chance. The positive emotions you created with your brand will make them proud to be an owner or user of your product.

Experiential marketing is the key to truly capturing and engaging your audience. Your brand will become more shareable, approachable, and human in the eyes of your future customers. That’s exactly the type of experience consumers want to have.

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