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FirstRowSports – Watch Live Sports Channels For Free (Features, Alternatives, Drawbacks)

FirstRowSports is a free website to watch live sports specifically, live Football and Basketball matches from around the world.

These days, we get off of work and try to watch our favorite sports but for most of us, there’s a problem that most live matches cannot be watched for free. At least, not anymore. 



Nowadays, every website you go to wants you to subscribe to their plans before they show you anything. The problem with paying subscriptions is that not all of us watch sports all month. Mostly, we watch sports when we’re free or our favorite team is playing. 

There are also some exceptions like the WrestleMania and the UCL Championship matches but how often are they played? Once a year, or maybe twice?

No one wants to pay for subscriptions that are not worth our hard-earned money. So, what’s the solution to this problem?

Well, if we want to watch live matches occasionally, we need something free and reliable so that whenever we have time or our favorite match is going on, we can rely on a free site and enjoy our evenings. 

We have taken a lot of time to review websites that fill the criterion mentioned above, and the one website we’ve chosen today is-


Probably the best site on the internet for watching live sports for free, FirstRowSports is dedicated to providing you links to sporting events happening all over the world. All you need to have is a working (preferably fast) internet connection and this website. You can watch live matches all day long and the site won’t even ask you for a penny.

FirstRowSports is working day and night to provide its users with top-quality links that are working 24/7 so that their most anticipated games are not missed by any chance. 

FirstRowSports is a website like no other, you go to the website, you get what you want, and don’t pay anything to anyone. 

What Does FirstRowSports Offer?

FirstRowSports is offering everyone on the internet to come to visit the site and watch their favorite sports without having to pay anything. Other than that, they offer tons of other features that make the user experience great. 

FirstRowSports – Best Features

We’ve been advocating that FirstRowSports is an awesome website but haven’t talked about the technicalities and features in detail. So, to further explain what FirstRowSports offers, we have compiled a list of features.

Dark Mode

When you open the website, the first thing you notice is the dark theme of this website. Unlike other websites, the screen will not flash in front of your eyes. 

The developers have been aware of the eye strain that’s caused by the blue screens and bright displays. The dark mode implemented into the website is proof that the team is focused on providing value to the user. 

Buffer-Free Streaming

Every link you find on this website is up to date and provides buffer-free streaming. You just need to make sure that you have a stable network connection capable of running a 720p to 1080p resolution video without buffering too much. 

Free of Cost Streaming

Well, this is the best one so far. Who doesn’t like free stuff? FirstRowSports provide you with all their services without charging any subscription fee. 

Unlike other streaming websites, you have to pay an upfront subscription fee to watch your favorite sports channels but this one offers you everything for free. FirstRowSports doesn’t even ask you to put your credit card details. Cool, right?

Responsive User Interface

When you’re surfing the website, you won’t notice any lag at all. Every button and tab is responsive and clicks surviving you at your will. 

Most free websites lack a responsive UI but FirstRowSports, however, is not like other websites. 

HQ and HD Streaming

Have you ever heard of a website offering high-quality content for free? Well, this one will definitely provide you with high-quality HD links to live matches all over the world. 

Did we mention that HD links are provided to you for free? Yes, most websites do have features of HD streaming but they charge for that. FirstRowSports, on the other hand, doesn’t even have a paid subscription. All these features are given to you for free. 

No Sign-Up and Sign-In Required

This one saves a lot of time. Whenever you go to traditional websites to watch live sports, they ask you to log in or create an account first. Even if they offer free content, registering for an account is often time-consuming and let’s just say, annoying. 

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FirstRowSports does not ask you to create an account. The website doesn’t even ask you to log in if you want to avail all these features for free.

Live Scores

On the website, you’ll see that the Live Score option is available. Even if you don’t feel like watching the whole match or watching what’s happening on the field, you can simply see the live score and see who’s winning. 

Wide Range of Sports 

There are a lot of sports matches happening around the world at any given time. FirstRowSports has links to almost all the important and famous sporting events. When you open the website, you’ll see that the website is loaded with links to different sports and matches happening live. 

The best part is that all of these links are working without any interruptions.

FirstRowSports – Drawbacks

Every free website on the internet comes with things we don’t like. Just like any website, FirstRowSports is also not perfect. Below, we’ve briefly explained some drawbacks of using this website. 

Too Many Ads 

As we’ve explained that the website is free to use, you had to see it coming; there are ads on the website and sometimes, the ads are too many. Whenever you try to open a link to a match, you’ll most likely encounter an ad. 

However, after skipping an ad or two, your live stream will be up and running. 

HD Streaming Not Available For Every Match

You may be thinking that we mentioned earlier in the article that HD streaming is one of the best features of this website. But the catch is that not every match can be played in HD resolution. Only the most famous leagues can be watched in high definition. 


As we reviewed FirstRowSports, we have final thoughts about our experience with this live streaming website. 

Apart from ads, we’d argue that this website is one of the best deals you’re gonna get. Overall, the experience has been great watching different matches. All the links are working we’ve noticed almost no issue with buffering and loading. 

If you’re someone who’s looking for a website to rely on when watching your favorite sports live, we’d recommend you this site as it serves the purpose well. 

FirstRowSports – Best Alternatives

We know that free websites are sometimes down. FirstRowSports, however, is mostly up and running but there are some scheduled or unscheduled maintenances going on where developers have to shut off the website for some time. 

To solve, this problem, let us share with you the best alternatives for watching live sports matches for free.

This one is dedicated specifically to Football lovers. As the name suggests, most of the streams you’ll find on this website are related to football. So, if you’re looking for a live match to watch for free, this one would be perfect for you. 


After FirstRowSports, we’d say that Stream2Watch is one of the best free sites to watch your favorite live matches for free. They have all the features that one needs to enjoy their evenings. Although you will encounter some ads it’s free stuff. What else do you expect? 


StrikeOut is also a good website to watch live sports matches for free. From the most watched sport in the world, Football to Tennis and WWE you’ll find links to all the live matches being played around the world. 


WatchESPN, as the name suggests, mimics the ESPN sports channel by providing you links to almost all the famous live sports matches being played.

If you’re from the US and into US sports, you should consider visiting WatchESPN as all the US-based sports are streamed live on this website. It’s not free, though. 


This one of dedicated to MotorSport matches. If you’re someone who doesn’t like missing moto sports matches, you should bookmark this site as this one is definitely for you. 


StreamEast is also an incredible site when it comes to watching live matches for free. They have a huge database of links that are running 24/7. You will barely notice a lag in the UI as the developers are working day and night to satisfy the users. 

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