Great Educational Games for Kids to Play at Home

With Quarantine and lockdown, children all around the globe stayed at home and were not
allowed to play outdoor games and sports. This fact had given birth to the needs of online and
offline yet stay-at-home games for kids.

There are various types of online educational games you can let your kid play on a
smartphone, Tablets, Ipad, etc. You can find all sorts of games online such as mathematics,
chess, coloring, language learning, translations related, etc. You can learn daily new word
meanings with these apps such as  Nihal meaning  is joyous in Urdu and Ciao means Bye in
Spanish. A few of the games are as follows.
Color Identifying Games:
You can start by getting few items of different colors like balls, pens, toys, etc, and also
m&ms, etc, and ask your kids to match the colors. Kids are interested in learning their colors
at an early age. With a pack of colorful pom-poms, you’ll put them on a path to identify
colors, learn how to count, and start sorting, which also encourages gross motor skills. At the
same time, you’re helping them develop their fine motor skills by letting them pick up the
tiny objects
Learn To Count:
Counting numbers is a vital element to teach a kid when one starts learning new things.
Introduce your kids to numbers, Print a signed Board of all the counting. Make them count
different types of toys, candies, fruits, Pencils or colors, etc.
Learn body parts:
You can play identifying body parts games with your kids. There are so much cool poems on
youtube and other websites about learning body parts. You can play one on-screen and dance
with it. One can learn new vocabulary and body parts in different languages online. You can
find any words meaning of on the internet. Just search the Keyword you want to know, If I
put Nihal meaning on my search box the search result will show different answers ranging
from Joyous or Successful.
Learn New words:
As they say, the brain is more active when you are a child so learning new languages and
things is most possible at an early age. Try speaking words from a new language and asks
your kids to identify them. For example, you can ask them what is Nihal meaning and they
can try to guess an idea about it. If they are unsuccessful you can tell them it means Joyous
and happiness.
Building Games:
One can build stuff just with some old packing cardboard or pillows. Even cups, popsicle
sticks, and cards can help set up a good building game. Try to build some tower or famous

landmark using these things. This way you can teach your kids about buildings and also about
famous landmarks. If you want to get competitive, you can set a goal to build the highest
tower. You can initiate a quiz asking them the meaning of different words. For example, you
can ask what is Nihal meaning or what do we call a cupboard in Urdu or Hindi, or any other

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