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Great Places to Visit in Belfast


Go and Visit Wonderful Place-Belfast

If you’re planning to go for a full-day outing with your partner or simply wish to take a break in the sun, taking in Belfast’s sounds and sights there’s plenty to do in the hip and vibrant Belfast.

Belfast-The City of Peaceful Environment and Scenic Beauty

The atmosphere here is distinctive and has an authentic 19th century feel radiating from the grand public buildings which were constructed in the Industrial Revolution. Recent city developments have given an exciting and hip attitude to Belfast particularly around the bustling cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Small City but Full of Entertainment

The city might be small however it is home to massive artistic festivals, waterfront art as well as the contemporary Odyssey Complex. There are occasional reminders of violence of the Troubles however the overall atmosphere is one of a positive and determined spirit.

Worthwhile Place for Foreigners

Foreign tourists can visit Belfast at any time of the year however the months of April, June and September are the most popular months for visiting Belfast as they are in good condition The crowds are lower and the days are longer and the main tourist attractions are open to visitors.

Full of Historical Sites

Of course, one of the main attractions in Belfast is the stunning array of Victorian and Edwardian buildings, which contain a wide array of sculptures. Most notable among them are City Hall, which dates to 1906, and Belfast’s Queen’s University of Belfast, that was established in 1849. Two of the most beautiful structures are banks that were once in existence including Ulster Bank (1860) on Warring Street and Northern Bank (1769) located on Donegall Street. So many places to explore in Northern Ireland, you’ll wonder why you haven’t embarked on this trip before!

Popular Building- Linen hall Library

Another notable building within the region is one of the most notable structures in Belfast is Linenhall library (1788) located in Donegall Square North, a creation of the imagination by designer Charles Lanyon, who is responsible for a number of the city’s Victorian structures. In the Cathedral Quarter area, the city’s most popular tourist and cultural area, is also home to a number of the oldest structures in Belfast.

Largest Dry Dock- Harland & Wolff Shipyard

Belfast is also famous for the Harland and Wolff shipyard, the largest dry dock in the world, where the famous Titanic was built. Titanic was constructed. Two huge cranes, appropriately called Samson and Goliath provide a striking setting to Belfast’s shipyard.

Highest Building of Ireland in Belfast

The highest building in the entire island of Ireland is located in Belfast The Windsor House It is at an altitude of 80 meters, or 262 feet tall and is 23 floors. But the Obel Tower currently in construction will be taller than Windsor House as the tallest structure once it is built.

Built between 1890 and 1896, St George’s Market is currently the only Victorian covered markets in Belfast. Its renovation was completed in the year 1997, costing Belfast PS4.5million. Markets are now held on Fridays and Saturdays

Huge Number of Stunning Structures

In one area of Belfast is a number of stunning structures, including the Europa Hotel, Crown Liquor Saloon, Royal Courts of Justice and the Belfast Botanic Gardens. Its four star Europa Hotel was bombed 27 times during the Troubles and is among Europe’s most targeted hotels. Nearby to the Europa Hotel is it is the Crown Liquor Saloon is the only bar that is owned under National Trust. National Trust and has largely avoided the destruction suffered by the Europa most likely due to the fact that its patrons are known to claim, “God loves a drinker”. In addition, the Royal Courts of Justice houses Northern Ireland’s Supreme Court while the Belfast Botanic Gardens has a distinctive palm house.

Go and Explore Golden Place-Golden Mile

Be sure to walk along your Golden Mile, the area which stretches across Belfast City Hall to Queen’s University that starts from the Europa Hotel on Great Victoria Street and continuing across Bradbury Place and all the down into Botanic Avenue and University Road. It’s a good idea to explore the Golden Mile in the daytime so that you have an idea of where to discover the most popular places to go to go out at night. The most popular dining establishments and bars found in other areas of this website are available here.

Must Visit Belfast Mural

Visitors are encouraged to join the Belfast Mural Tour to visit the large murals that show the long-standing roots of northern Ireland’s two primary political parties, Republican and Loyalist, the former being primarily Catholic as well as the later largely Protestant. In the Falls Road or Shankill hosts some of the most impressive house-sized political murals around the globe. The murals alter depending of the climate at the moment; however, they’re always worth visiting. They could be found in the poorer areas of Belfast However, it is generally safe for you to see at any time of the day or night provided you remain unaffected.

Black Taxi Tour

Visitors can also avail what is known as the Black Taxi Tour that goes through the most fascinating attractions of West Belfast and is available at any hostels or hotels located in the area and via Belfast Welcome Centre. The tour runs between PS7.50 between PS7.50 and PS10 per person.

The most stunning buildings located in Belfast include one of the most impressive structures in Belfast is Albert Clock on High Street that was constructed to honor the Queen’s Prince Consort Prince Albert. To see Belfast’s contemporary art scene, it is the Ormeau Baths Gallery on Ormeau Avenue is a must go to. Belfast Zoo on the slopes of Cavehill in north of Belfast is another interesting location. If you want to experience a bit of the academy, St. Malachy’s College is a great place to visit. It was established in 1833 by Bishop Crolly in 1833. It is now is among the oldest Roman Catholic grammar schools in Ireland. Gulf Air and Saudi Airlines have great deals on flights to that country.

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