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How can I make my blush last longer?


The best way to make your blush last longer is to do it the right way!  It begins from the cleansing of your skin, prepping it, blush colour choice, the right blending brush or accessories, reapplications and blending. First know your skin tone to decide the perfect face blush online available even in the cosmetic stores. Buy a set of shades that are suitable with your skin tone for experimenting on blushes. You can even use your lipstick shades as the blush on cheeks for compliance with the lipstick hues.

Blushes are the rainbows of makeup kits. Without them your face looks nude and empty at times. A tinge of  colour takes your youth to a whole new level. It makes you look younger, healthy and vibrant. Your makeup turns heads for being simply ravishing. Here are the steps to follow in case you want to make your blushes last longer than usual. For optimum results the steps must be right from the initial stages of preparing your skin to the application of blushes in the end. Read on to enlighten your mind and impart it on your makeup practices for the longevity of blushes on your cheeks. 

Steps to have longl lasting Blushes: Begin from the Basics

  • Cleanse your facial skin with a good face wash, and dab your serum. Now moisturise and let the skin absorb it’s goodness.
  • Apply the skin primer to get that perfect base to further apply foundation upon. Rub it in for maximum coverage of the skin patch.
  • Make use of the powder or liquid foundation and apply it over the skin primer layer. Evenly spread it and brush some extra over the discoloured regions of facial skin. Like the under-eye region.
  • Now apply only the powder blush on the powder foundation layer. If liquid foundation is your choice then use a gel or cream blush for optimal results. Do not apply a powder blush over the liquid foundation as it shrinks and gives you a hard time to blend properly. 
  • Use a fan brush or a makeup sponge to blend the blush formula on the foundation layer. Fan brush is for the blush powder. You can do it with your fingers too and also make use of the sponge to blend.
  • Blend repeatedly to get the blushes for the best results. It makes sure they do not look artificially sealed to your skin. After proper blending it becomes a part of the foundation layer and looks perfectly natural.
  • Now set your makeup with the makeup setting spray. Spritz its formula over your face and have the finished look on your facial skin.

Now different blush shades work for the various types of skin tones. For the pale or fair skin tones a light pink shade works the best. For the light-medium tones, the peach-pink shades are suitable. The golden, olive and warm undertones go with the brighter versions of pink, which is  perfect. The darker skin tones can make use of the brighter hues of apricot to get that eternal glow on the cheeks.

Now choose the cream, powder and gel version of blushes only after assessing the skin type. The dry skin types get the best finish with the powder blush. The oily and combination skin types need gel, stick and cream blushes respectively. Now know your face shapes to determine where exactly to apply the blushes.

  • Oval faces to blush from cheeks, to earlobes and up towards the temple.
  • Round face to blush the cheeks and towards the earlobes.
  • Square faces are best with the blush application from the cheeks to the hairline near to your ears.
  • Oblong faces must blend the blush from cheek towards the nose and also towards the temple. It goes both ways.
  • Heart shaped faces the blush should be applied from the cheeks and stroked upwards towards the temple or towards the eyebrow ends on both sides.

Now perk up and buy face blush online confidently after recognising your facial features and blush-skin tone suitability.

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