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How do you rate the new nail polish powder from 2022?

I’m here to promote galglitter nail polish! I bought the 19-star glitter taro powder scratch that!!! I am

white skin! I have not done nail art, newcomers to the pit before doing a lot of homework, nail side of the dead skin has not been repaired, hands are not very good-looking, please do not spray

The color is purplish pink, with fine gold flash, gentle and white!

I only applied a layer, or relatively easy to apply evenly (I tried to apply two layers, feel a little heavy and unloaded)

The cover layer is wood nook home frosted top oil. This top oil is water-based tearable and dries quickly; after a period of time, try not to touch the water; I use it will not fall off very strong. In

fact, do not have to be frosted and is also very good-looking; depending on personal like, I prefer the effect of matte.

But there is one thing I found when removing the nail, gold flash is sunken bottom, not unloaded clean fingers are full of bright crystals

I also bought a tearable base coat, and I heard a lot of people say that the tearing type is not good for the nails, so I did not use it; I hope that the fairies who have used it will say how good it is bah.

(Here to give you pull wood nail polish, color number called red bean paste, I only painted a hand can not look down, this color is more suitable for the same color jump color, single coating a little black unless you hin white)

Note: When you apply nail polish, you must apply primer if you have the conditions; otherwise, it hurts the nails, and after applying nail polish, it is best not to keep it for a long time; after a period of time, let the nails breathe a little ha.

The packaging and color of the lip glaze lipstick are very nice, but I will only use it when my lips are in good condition. Otherwise, it is really peeling and even lips inflammation.

There is a period of time I use more frequently, the mouth my God, and it hurts like hell; I thought it was my own cause; the results of the analysis is the lip glaze caused by

Also, my classmate once accidentally ate a little lip glaze, and she said it was bitter; another Korean lip glaze is sweet, mind not buy

But as a poor college student, his family is still quite a high cost, and I have a big brand on Mac and Armani, coated with these two occasionally will be peeling, coated with the base will not be

I personally like matte lip glaze and matte lipstick, mirror even and lip infection warning.

The mother of pearl mask and black mask used a few times are quite general; open the bag will be a bit of alcohol taste, acceptable kind, usually make up for water can also be

I also bought his four-color folded eyeshadow Christmas carol and ten-color eyeshadow berry red wine plate, which is not often used; I feel the powder quality is OK.

There is also a highlighting plate, and I bought the wrong color number; I a cold white and choose a champagne color (maybe this piece of highlighting color is a little deep, giving me a feeling of bronze color)

The more recommended is that his enzyme makeup remover feel quite good to use, unload light makeup lipstick very clean (did not draw a heavy makeup)

galglitter is a brand I love and hate like I like their colors, but not often on the mouth can buy two to play, but be sensible! I still have a few stockpiles that are not unpacked.

Finally, I still hope that the national products do better and better; who does not want to buy both cheap and good things ~

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