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How Is Ibogaine Used In Mexico?

Do you know that thousands of people use ibogaine in Mexico for different reasons? Although the use of ibogaine isn’t considered legal in several states, there are various clinics, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare facilities introducing ibogaine therapies for treatment in different areas.

The most popular use of ibogaine to date is to help cope with addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Since the use of Ibogaine in Mexico is also primarily focused on treating addictions, we will discuss it deeply to understand why individuals show such profound interest in a drug without legal status. 

The Mentality

It all started with the concepts from ancient African tribes and ethnicities who passed it on, and there are people still holding onto them. In the past, the shrub iboga (a significant source of ibogaine) was considered a sacrament and used in initiation ceremonies of those natives. They used to think that it would help them interact with their ancestors’ spirits for the sake of guidance. Iboga was even considered a traditional healer to break them free from bad habits or spiritual pathologies.

The Role of IbogaineIn Treating Addictions

Howard Lotsof was the man in the 20th century who was first-ever discovered and used ibogaine to treat his own addiction. He was a heroin addict and experimented with different psychedelic drugs. However, he ended up finding ibogaine much more effective in terms of the least withdrawal symptoms that are typically rare. 

From here, the use of ibogaine for treating addictions strengthened. Nobody suffering from addiction would ever want a treatment or therapy that’s more painful. That also contributed a lot to letting ibogaine have a foothold in the addiction therapies. Though it was believed previously that this psychedelic drug is only effective against opioid addiction, some clinics are using it for other stimulants and alcohol abuse as well. To be precisely said, ibogaine can successfully help deal with other addictive drugs while being the most effective against opioids. 

What Is Ibogaine Treatment Program?

The clinics using Ibogaine in Mexico to treat addiction have fortunately designed a systematic modality to maintain the success ratio. This program comprises both pre-treatment and post-treatment services to ensure that individuals will be guaranteed with addiction-free life even after stepping out of their facilities.

Pretreatment therapy is based on helping individuals acknowledge their addiction and reflect on their behaviors in the past life that caused them to end up in such a state. During the treatment, they are provided with medications to reduce and ultimately culminate their cravings and other therapies to overcome withdrawal symptoms. At last, the post-treatment involves long-term assistance to prevent relapses. 

Safety Profile of Ibogaine

Ibogaine shouldn’t be overdosed or used without prescription or experts’ supervision. It also contains the risk of altering heart functions leading to unexpected cardiovascular events. Hence, they’re not prescribed for certain conditions. 

Final Thoughts

Having said that, ibogaine isn’t yet a legal, authentic drug for treatment purposes. However, since it has the potential to relieve painful withdrawal symptoms, experts should speed up their research to enlighten both the positive and negative aspects of the drug sooner. 

Who knows, after a few years, it may become a drug of choice for addiction treatment.

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