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How many online shopping sites are there in UAE?

Following COVID-19 online shopping has increasingly become the best option,and UAE is no exception. There are around 583 online shopping sites in UAE. Businesses like have grown in popularity in providing online shopping facilities.

Let’s look at some of the popular online shopping sites in the UAE.


This shop is popular for giving mind-blowing discounts on every single product available. What is more, they have a separate daily deal as well. You can order branded cosmetics, travel accessories, satellite equipment, home appliances, and gadgets and get your products delivered to your place. They usually deliver products within 3 days.

They also provide services outside UAE, such as in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Brunei. Moreover, they havea return and warranty policy. All these together make it one of the UAE’s best online shopping choices.


This online business sells everything, including makeup, electronics, and clothing.One of the reasons for its popularity is that they offer installment payment for gadgets, e.g., phones and laptops.

Also, if you shop for AED 100, the delivery is free! They deliver a product within 3 days. However, depending on the circumstance, it can take 5 working days too.But as a solution, you can go for express delivery. That way you can get parcels just the next day!


This shop is famous for offering productsat the lowest prices. And they have this AED 1 deal, where you may find smart watches, phones, cosmetics, makeover accessories, etc. You will be even more amazed bythe mind-blowing deal every single day!

They charge a standard delivery fee which is AED 29. You can also ask them to deliver in a nearby spot at only AED 9. And the delivery time is 3 to 5 business days,the same as all other popular options.


This clothing shop offers garments for women, men, and children. Not to mention, as a well-known shopping site, they follow the latest trends and seasonal fashion. This online clothing shop’s unique aspect is that it has ratings for dresses on a scale of 100.

If you think these ratings are based on the aspects like—good materials and so on, let me surprise you! The rating is basically about how hot a dress is. Well, this is amazing because that’s how you would shop for dress in physical stores.


This shopping website has both garments and makeup items. And among all the options this shop is fancier. You will find some of the stunning clothing here.

As said, it’s a fancy brand, and you can find various international brands. For example –Forever 21, Adidas, Nike, Bobbi brown, Puma, etc. And here is another reason to love them, they offer up to 70% off time to time.

Carrefour UAE

It’s an online grocery shop providing all kinds of daily goods. So, you won’t have to take the hassle of visiting the store and pushing a shopping cart along the store aisle.

They make available groceries that we don’t usually get in the physical stores. Additionally, they have an app that offers more deals and discounts.


This shop is renowned for selling fresh produces. You can already guess what they are selling. Yes, fresh vegetables, meat, dairy, seafood, and so on!

On top of that, they deliver the packages on the same day as ordering. Also, the delivery is completely free!

If you want a healthy diet, this place should be an option for ordering organic fresh foods.


We all need to buy or sell hand products sometimes. And you know the long and exasperating process of getting a product online. This online shopping site has made it easier for you.

Here you can post for selling products, or you check from other people to buy a product. You can buy and sell real estate, electronics, cars, books, makeup, and shoes here.

Wrapping up

Dubai residents love shopping, and online stores have simplified it. Now that many trustworthy Ecommerce services are available, things are more secure. Since you can purchase everything online, more and more people are choosing to shop online. Additionally, it saves you a lot of time.

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