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One of the primary things customers wish to grasp is “How abundant will pipe relining cost per meter?”. As a general rule of thumb it’ll price you $400 – $1000 per meter. However, on this page we are going to make a case for everything you wish to grasp regarding what affects the value and supply you with a ‘Price Estimate Calculator’ thus you’ll calculate more or less what your stormwater or sewer pipe relining price would be. 

The reality is, while not visiting your property and inspecting your drain with a CCTV drain review camera, no company can provide you with a 100% confirmed drain relining price, they’re going to solely be ready to provide you with an Associate in Nursing estimate.  



We have the potential to reline slightly too terribly massive  pipes, as you’ll imagine this heavily affects the trenchless pipe repair price. The pipe relining  sizes we have a tendency to square measure ready to reline is 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 90mm, 100mm, 150mm, 175mm, 225mm, 300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 525mm, 600mm, 675mm, 750mm, 825mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm and 1350mm.


A convenient part of our trade is we are able to calculate the pipe relining price per meter. Once we all know the scale of pipe and also the quantity of meters to be relined we are going to be ready to provide you with a meterage worth. Pipe relining valuation is not totally different to the rest, ‘the more you get the cheaper it gets’. clearly if we have a tendency to square measure relining five meters vs fifty meters the per meter worth is going to be totally different.


Their square measures three main strategies for storm water and sewer relining. Inversion, patch and tangle. Here square measure the strategies well and what will have an effect on the sewer relining cost:

Inversion – this can be out and away the most effective possibility if you ne’er wish to own a blocked drain once more. This method is mostly used once over three continuous meters need drain relining. The liner Associate in Nursing rosin is inserted into the drain by means of an Inversion Drum, this can be a really prime quality and valuable piece of apparatus that guarantees the most effective potential final result. The rosin is on the skin thus it bonds to your existing pipe waterproofing all the cracks and joints guaranteeing tree roots don’t have any likelihood of re-entering the pipe.

Patch Reclining –  Sectional patch pipe relining is best used once there square measures only one or a number of spots that require repairing and also the remainder of the pipeline is in sensible operating order or the landholder would solely prefer to repair the worst affected areas. The pipe relining price is predicated on a per patch basis, not per meter. The rosin is additionally on the skin that bonds to the present pipe.

Drag in – this can be Associate in Nursing possibility if the work isn’t potential with Associate in Nursing inversion drum (very uncommon) or if the reline has to begin more down the road wherever there’s no access. However, it will be associated with risks and customarily lower life expectations. 

The biggest issue is that the rosin is on the inside of the liner, which means that it’ll not bond properly to the present pipe and seal all of the previous cracks and joints that tree roots gain access through. It’s a layer of plastic up against the previous pipe which provides tree roots a chance to figure their means in between the 2 pipes and cause issues down the track if the wrong liner or installation technique is employed (very common). The opposite disadvantage is that you just would like a pair of access points which can end in further excavation which is able to increase the sewer lining price. Also, you can prefer attenuation tanks that are best for your Rainwater Management.

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