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Top 4 Pergola Cover Ideas for Optimal Sun Shading

Homeowners who want to maximize the aesthetics of their property should consider a pergola. Nowadays, most people are utilizing the benefits of a pergola in their backyard. Apart from easy installation, many landscape architects, exterior and interior designers are prioritizing pergolas to enhance the beauty of their open space. Pergola covers provide people a usable space full of natural beauty.

This is the main reason why people prefer wooden pergolas for their backyard. Unlike weather-resistant pergola shades, pergolas cannot shade you from heavy snow or rain.

Remember that a pergola has a roof frame, four pillars, and numerous slats. The slat will protect you from the sun. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 pergola cover ideas for optimal sun shading.


Live Vines and Plants

If you don’t like dried leaves, then you should use live vines and plants as your sunshade. Even though it will take months for the plants to grow long roots, but the ultimate result is worth the wait.

Thick foliage with creeping vines such as Ivy or arching plants are best to use as cover on pergolas. Apart from that, flowering vines such as Chinese Wisteria and Trumpet Vines will also provide you shade from the sun, especially when they grow completely. However, if you don’t want to use plants like shade, you can also choose pergola covers

Bamboo or Wood

Bamboo is also capable of protecting you from the sun. You can use wood with a diameter of at least 1 inch or bamboo splits. When you line these sticks together, you can easily create a wonderland type of shading that will easily fit your pergola. As per Calibamboo, bamboo has higher tensile strength than steel.

Additionally, the uneven spacing between the bamboo and wood segment of the pergola covers will allow natural light to come inside. This will create a perfect cozy atmosphere.

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Canvas or Fabric

If you love a modern approach, you should use canvas or fabric as the material of your roofing. You can choose either a whole piece of fabric or small pieces to create a pattern.

When you use one long piece of fabric, you can attach the whole material on top or below the pergola rafters. This will effectively block out rain or sun rays depending on the type of fabric.

However, if you use multiple pieces to create a pattern, you need to attach the strips through the pergola. Additionally, the rafters should be alternated under and over the patterns that would ultimately look like a roof.

Retractable Canopy

The best and most modern approach to add rain protection or sun shading is using a retractable canopy that is crafted from waterproof fabric. These types of fabrics are usually installed below the rafter so that they can provide 100% protection from both rain and sun.

You can retract this canopy whenever you want to enjoy some sunlight or wish to see the moon. You can also extend it easily.


These are the top 4 pergola cover ideas for optimal sun shading. This information will give you a basic idea regarding the pergola covers as well as their shading. It will also help you to understand the functionality and concept of pergolas.

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