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Which One Would Be Better For Advertising – Window Decals or Window Clings?

As days progress people come up with different strategies to advertise their business. TV commercials, radio broadcasting, or ads in newspapers are tried and tested methods. But in the past two decades, another mode of advertising has gained prominence – window graphics. Using the windows of your store to depict your products or services through striking imagery and skillful designs has helped certain businesses to gain momentum. It has helped to attain a lot of visibility. Such graphics have the power to lure the customers to step in and have a look at your products.

Window graphics that are mainly used are either window decals or window clings. Before choosing any one of them for advertising you need to have a clear idea about them so that you can make the right decision. Both are good but people choose them as per their requirements. Decals are stickers that can be put on any clean and flat surface due to the adhesive present whereas clings are graphics without the adhesive backing. They remain attached to a surface because of static electricity. Let’s compare them based on certain factors.



The installation process for both decals and clings is not that hazardous. You might not require extra help depending on the size you will order. As said earlier, window decals are similar to that of a sticker with an adhesive backing so once you stick it on it becomes semi-permanent. So, the location of the decal should be decided first as taking it off might lead to the damage of the graphics.

On the other hand, as clings do not possess any adhesive backing, they can be easily put up on glass or plastic surfaces. But they will not get stuck on any other surface.


Decals can be put on any flat surface, be it the window, wall, floor, or tabletop. Clings can get stuck only on glass or plastic surfaces. Before placing any of them, all you need is to have a clean surface.

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Window decals can be put on both the inner or outer surface of a store window. The material made to use them makes them resistant to the damages caused by the weather elements and can easily last for a long time. But window clings lack this ability. They are a temporary way of promoting a business and are prone to external damages as they can easily come off.

Removing the graphics

By now, you can quite well understand that removing a window decal is much tougher than a window cling. The latter can be just pulled off from a surface and leaves no residue whereas it’s not the same for a decal. It is sure to leave residue due to the adhesive.

Cost factor

Since people opt for decals for a prolonged promotion of business, they are much costlier than a window cling. As clings are used as a temporary mode of advertising, it is less expensive.


Choose the one which you think would be good for your business. If you are looking for a temporary advertising mode, then window clings would serve you the best. But if you have decided to deck up your store window, then go for the decals. Whatever you ultimately choose, there are several customizable options available. Know about these options and then order for a window graphic.

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