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How the Singapore Dependant’s Pass Scheme Works

Are you planning on moving to Singapore with a family member who has already moved there for work? If you are, then it is important for you to know that you will need to obtain a Dependant Pass before you can do that. And now, here are some of the most important things that you need to know if you would like to apply for one!


What Is a Singapore Dependant’s Pass?

When it comes to what a Singapore Dependant’s Pass is, you can think of it as a relocation visa that is issued to selected family members of Employment’s Pass, EntrePass holders, Personalized Employment Pass holders, or S Pass holders. A Singapore Dependant’s Pass can be used as long as the holder of the main Singapore work visa is an active worker in Singapore. One thing that makes a Singapore Dependant’s Pass special is the fact that it allows its holders to enter, leave, or live in Singapore freely without having to worry about applying for any separate Singapore work visas.

Are You Eligible For a Singapore Dependant’s Pass?

Both spouses and unmarried children who are less than 21 years old of Employment Pass, EntrePass, Personalized Employment Pass, or S Pass holders can apply for a Singapore Dependant’s Pass. The only catch here is that they should be earning at least S$6,000 a month.

If the baby of a Singapore work visa holder is born in Singapore, you will be provided with some documents that you will be able to use to apply for a birth certificate. Birth certificates also allow newborn babies to stay in Singapore for six weeks after they are born. You should use this period to try and obtain a passport for your baby either from your embassy or high commission.

It is also important to note that the common-law spouse of a Singapore work visa holder is not allowed to apply for a Singapore Dependant’s Pass. However, they may or may not be allowed to apply for a Long-Term Social Visit Pass.

What Documents Do You Need to Possess to Apply For a Singapore Dependant Pass?

If you would like to apply for a Dependant’s Pass, there are some documents that you need to possess. This includes a filled out Singapore Dependant’s Pass application form, a copy of the personal particulars page from either your or your child’s passport and a copy of the official birth, adoption, or marriage certificates as proof of your relationship, as well as any educational details, school enrollment details in an educational institute of Singapore, and salary details from your most recent employer that you may have.

Also, any application forms that are meant for children who are less than 16 years old should be signed by one of their parents on behalf of them. Keep in mind that relevant certificates that are not written in English should always be translated by a certified translator. Once the translated version has been finished, it should be submitted along with the original copy.

Note: Fom February 2019, all children aged 12 and below  who are applying for Dependent Pass must comply with the Health board avaccincation requirements. Proof of vaccination must then be submitted to the Health Promotion Board. For more information, read this guide on vaccination requirements for children applying for LTVP and DP.

How Long Does the Process Take?

You can submit for a Singapore Dependant’s Pass application either online (for dependents of an S Pass and Employment Pass holders) or manually (for dependents of Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, and EntrePass holders). Singapore Dependant Pass applications should always be the employer of a Singapore work visa holder. These applications should also be filed separately for each eligible family member of the applicant.

The processing time for Singapore Dependant’s Pass for these applications is between three and five weeks. If your Singapore Dependant’s Pass application winds up being approved. You will receive an In-Principle-Approval letter from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower. In order to collect your Singapore Dependant’s Pass, you need to be in Singapore.

When it comes to collecting your Singapore Dependant’s Pass. Make sure to bring either your or your child’s passport with you, as well as both the In-Principle-Letter. That you have received and any other documents that have been requested in the In-Principle-Letter.

Renewing Your Dependant’s Pass

When your Singapore Dependant’s Pass reaches the point where it is due for renewal. The Ministry of Manpower will send all the renewal forms to your employer. This way, they will all be able to be renewed simultaneously.

Studying and Working in Singapore

If you would like to find a job in Singapore, your Singapore work visa holder. Needs to possess either an Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, or EntrePass. To achieve this result, your potential employer needs to obtain a Letter of Consent from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower. These letters are usually processed within one week.

Children that are on a Dependant’s Pass are allowed. To go to both local and international K-12 schools that can be found in Singapore. However, it is important to note that if you are planning on pursuing a higher education level in Singapore. You will need to apply for a student visa first.


Can Singapore Dependant’s Pass Holders Apply For Permanent Residence?

Yes, it is possible for you — as a Singapore Dependant’s Pass holder — to apply for permanent residence in Singapore. If the Singapore work visa holder’s PR application winds up being approved. Your Singapore Dependant Pass will get approved as well.

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