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Know About Monochrome Wedding Photography

Monochrome means one color, and monochrome photography is about using a single color in the pictures. In simple words, it means to display an image in different shades of the same color. The actual colors of an object are not represented in this form of photography. Black and white photography is a common example of monochrome photography, which uses different neutral grey colors. Other types of color used in monochrome photography are green, green, red, pink and, etc. 

Monochrome photography can be done with digital (phone cameras, DSLRs, etc.) as well as traditional film-based cameras. But digital monochromatic photography is advantageous compared to traditional because you can post-process the digital image according to your needs. There is a plethora of photo editing software like Photoshop, Pixlr, etc., allowing you to manipulate the images. 


Monochrome Wedding Photography

Generally, monochrome photography is widely used for artistic and aesthetic purposes. But nowadays this form of photography is becoming very popular in capturing weddings. It enables photographers to fully focus on the expression and emotions of the subject regardless of colors. The main objective of monochrome photography is to capture the romantic and intimate moments with elegance. These types of images are quite more classy than traditional colored pictures. Another important feature of monochrome photography is that it makes the background less notable than the main subject.  

Whether you are a wedding photography pro or click photos just for fun, you should consider the following tips while shooting weddings in monochrome tone:

Tonal Contrast

Monochrome wedding is all about managing tonal contrast, so it’s vital to use multiple shades of a single color to capture the image. The higher the tonal contrast, the stronger your caption will be. High tonal contrast means that the image consists of both extremely light shade and extremely dark shade of a particular color. It is not easy to predict how the color picture will look on a sepia or grayscale; It can only be learned through practice and experience with Mini Big Hype.

Look For The Emotional Moments

Monochromatic photography is best for shooting emotional and intimate moments. So, being a wise photographer, you should look for the intimate moments of the wedding. For instance, the dripping tears of the bride’s father at the time of farewell, the kisses, etc.; these priceless moments tend to capture well in a monochromatic tone. 

Use a camera tripod

A camera tripod is a useful tool for professional photographers. It is essential for all types of wedding photography, especially when shooting from a distance away from the subject. When shooting at a long distance, a tripod is used to stabilize your camera so that you can take long exposure photos without blur. It is recommended to carry a camera tripod with you.

Keep Extra Camera And Lens

It is recommended to keep a separate camera and lens to capture the monochromatic pics. If you don’t have one, you can rent it. It will save your time, which you can use to shoot candid moments. Repeatedly changing camera lenses is very frustrating and can be distracting, which eventually affects the quality of photographs. 

Shoot In RAW

According to the experts, the monochrome wedding pictures must be shot in RAW format; it preserves the actual colors of pictures, which can be compressed by the JPEG format. It makes it easy for you to edit the image later to get the best out of it. 

Keep Low ISO

This is the meat. Only a handful of people know about the advantage of low ISO in shooting monochrome mode. The high ISO brings the noise in the single color toned picture, and you will be surprised to know that noise is more prominent in monochrome pictures than the colored images.

Bonus Tip – Don’t Hesitate To Use Softwares

As mentioned above, post-processing is vital for alluring monochrome pictures. So, don’t restrict yourself from experimenting with different types of photo editing tools. Although Photoshop is the most widely used software by photographers, you can also try Fotofire Tool kit, Visme Presentation, Adobe lightroom, etc. 

Wrapping Up:

The timeless monochrome photography adds elegance to the wedding photographs and makes them a bit classy. If your wedding is around the edge, you should also ask your wedding photographer to shoot some monochrome pictures of yours. It will really glorify your wedding album.

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