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How to choose the right professional sphere for you?

You’re probably finishing high school or want to go back to start and you’re wondering what you need to know to choose a career. “What do I want to do later as a profession? In what field would I like to specialize?” These are questions that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our lives.

In fact, the choice of your career should not be an impulsive decision to avoid the pressure of others and the uncertainty that it causes. Take time to get to know yourself and what you really love, take time to doubt, think and change your project once, twice, or three times, if necessary. This is how you will come to know what your path is, what your vocation is.


1. Write a list of your hobbies, passions, and skills:

Write down everything that comes to mind. Write and don’t stop until you have no ideas left. Then highlight the words, the things that you would like to be part of your work.

For example, if your dream is to have a free, independent life and you want to have a suitable schedule while you can go do other things, underline the words “Freedom” or “Independence”.

Be as honest as possible, and listen to yourself, even if it seems impossible that such a profession exists. This list will allow you to turn words into your passions, your desires, and surely your future interests. Let your heart speak, not your brain. Be your own private detective.

2. Define what can fit your possibilities:

Be careful, but that does not mean stop dreaming. You just have to see if your skills and resources match your hopes. It is important that you take into account all the factors, both from a financial point of view and from the point of view of your skills.

3. Make a complete analysis of your personality through a SWOT analysis:

The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities) is a very frequently used method when analyzing a situation in depth. That will allow you to put everything that defines you on a sheet of paper to have an overview.

How to proceed? It is easy. Make two columns and two lines where you confront Weaknesses and Threats and then Strengths and Opportunities.

That will allow you to answer the following questions: “What are your values, your motivations, your skills? What is the character trait that best describes you? What is easy for you?” For this last step, we advise you to ask three other people from your environment to help you and do it for you.

You are going to do 4 SWOTs, one that you will do and another 3 that your close friends (friends, family, teachers) will do. The objective of this experience is to know how you see yourself and understand how others, from an external point of view, perceive you.

4. Your values: what you consider important:

Your values ​​set the bar for everything you believe is very important. Do you consider it important to help others? Could you do it from a position of prestige? These values ​​can help you determine what type of career to study, in a way that is consistent with your principles and work ambitions.

Studying for a master’s or doctorate is a way to increase job opportunities. With a higher level of specialization, you will be able to offer your professional services efficiently and in exchange for higher remuneration.

When choosing your university career, you should take into consideration your expectations and your values. Remember that this is one of the decisions which will let you access the different types of work environments you desire. If you do not know it yet, it is recommended that you explore the culture of some companies to learn more.

It is important that you take these tips into account, so you will avoid the frustration of choosing a career that does not satisfy you. The more accurate information you have, the easier it will be for you to make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Remember that the availability of careers and jobs in your country, as well as the possibilities of studying abroad, can change your point of view. Work environments can be decisive in these types of decisions. You can even take an extra step and talk to people from different companies. If you don’t have such people among your acquaintances, find them on Leadar. Contact them and ask all the questions you need answered.

5. Your family, those who surround you most closely:

The closeness and coexistence with your family can be an important factor to consider before choosing a career. Likewise, the type of support they offer you and the opportunities they provide you with can help you access the situation as well.

How close or far from your family do you want or can you be to work? Think of all the possibilities, work modalities, and financial support that can facilitate this decision.

Some commutes may require more time than others. Your work and the way you support your family will show you important elements in making this decision, so it is crucial to assess how your decision will affect your social and family circles.

Consider all the values ​​that were developed in your family circle, the dynamic they carry, or if they have a company in which you can work later. This will help you make the decision that is most feasible for you and your loved ones.

With these steps, you can begin to have a clear idea of ​​who you are, what you love, and what you would like to have in your future. You have to know that self-understanding comes with experience. One learns to know oneself little by little, over time, finding oneself in certain situations, meeting new people, falling down, and getting up.

Do not be scared, do not worry, advancing step by step you will find the path that suits you best. So be confident in yourself, and find your strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing your professional career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. This will shape your future work, as well as the social environment in which you will develop. All this must be consistent with you, with your interests, convictions, and needs.

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