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A well-placed rug can help create a sense of freedom and comfort within your home. Conversely, by placing rugs in the wrong spots or clashing with other design elements, it is possible to disrupt harmony and create a feeling of more space. Whether you have hardwood floors or tiles, rugs bring your home’s beauty to the next level. They add personality, comfort and connect the space. Only by correctly placing rugs can you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some decorating tips for area rugs.

Place area rugs in the living room:

Living room rug placement can be tricky depending on the space available and how the furniture is arranged. But, it is possible to find a living-room rug large enough that will fit the space.

There are two options for homeowners who have small living areas: large or small rugs. Even though they are smaller in size, they will blend well with your furniture. T By choosing a larger rug that matches your furniture, you can make your space appear larger.

It would help if you placed a 9×13 or larger rug for larger living spaces. Once the rug has been placed in the room you want, it is time to plan your furniture. So that you can walk comfortably, leave enough space between the rug’s edges.

Place rug in the bedroom:

There are many interior design options that you can choose from for bedrooms. But, placing a rug beneath your bed is the best. You can make the rug stand out by moving it closer to your nightstand. So, this can maximize the space you have.

If your bedroom has a smaller size, you can place your rugs in the centre of your bed or at your feet. This can bring out decorative elements in your space and increase their attention. So, you can use a large, thick rug to frame your bed.

Purchasing rugs online that have larger areas are better suited to larger spaces. For example, a large master bathroom will require a large rug that can accommodate a table and a bed. An 8×10 rug can be used to match your queen-sized bed or king-sized mattress.

Place a rug in the dining room:

Everyone gathers around your dining area table to eat, so you must have the correct rug placement.

Place your rug in a central location to make your dining room stand out. So, your chairs will need to be able to fit the rug comfortably. A 60 to 70 centimetre-thick rug would be a good option for your dining space.

When installing your rug, make sure that all chairs legs are placed on top. Then, you will have chairs that are evenly balanced since the surface of your rug is uniform.

Sectional rugs online, tips on placement:

There are some tips on how to place different sizes of rugs beneath your sectional furniture.

  • a smaller rug (minimum 5×8″ ): this is a small rug, so be sure to match it with any furniture. Place the rug on your floor. Be sure your sofa does not touch the base.
  • 8×10 inch or more oversized rugs: place this rug beneath your sectional sofa. Your sofa’s back legs can be placed on top of the rug’s borders to make sure that it blends in with your interior decor. This position will create balance in your space.
  • rugs of 9×12 and more prominent place you’re sectional with chairs on top. So, this arrangement can help create a sense that your space is more cohesive.

Where to place a rug runner?

Runners are versatile and can be used in any room of your house. These rugs online can go in any house room, including bedrooms, hallways, entranceways, bathrooms, and even bathrooms. In addition, because these rugs have a narrow width, they work well in smaller spaces.

Hallways & room door:

Place it at the centre of your front door to ensure that your runner is visible. So, it could also serve as a way marker to indicate the direction to rooms. You have the option to place your runner rugs in hallways either next to or behind your furniture if you’re unsure of their proper placement.


You can also use your kitchen to make runners. They will increase comfort underfoot. They offer a break from the monotony and a break from your day-to-day routines. A non-slip runner can be placed under your kitchen or counters to increase the warmth of your space.

Bedrooms & bathrooms:

You might also consider placing runners inside your bedroom or bathroom. So, if you are thinking of decorating your bedroom with runners, one side can be decorated. This will create symmetry in your bedroom and add a decorative touch.

Place the right rug in your space:

For harmony to be created in your space, it is essential to place an area rug well. An area rug acts as an anchor point for your space.

Rug placement should be harmonious and balanced. Your rug should visually anchor all other decorative elements in your room. To make your rug stand out, it must be appropriate for the space.

  • Be mindful of the space you are designing with rugs:

If you aren’t sure where to place the red rugs, look around your room. It should be located near the centre of your room, such as your fireplace or dining tables. However, it doesn’t always have to be in the middle. Think outside the box and think of unique ways to make your room stand out.

  • Remember to balance your rug with furniture:

Area rugs can be used as anchors for furniture in a room. To compliment your rug, pay attention to the arrangement of other furniture.

  • Place the legs and furniture over your rug:

There are two options available for furniture positioning: you can place the whole furniture set on the rug or just the front legs. It will depend on your furniture size. So, the point is to make sure that your furniture pieces don’t slip or tip over.

  • Explore different angles with your rug:

A rug can highlight different areas and bring out other elements in your space. To get the best rug placement in your room, turn it around or try different angles. You must have to buy rugs online.


Rugs are a great way to add warmth and personality. It is not unusual for rugs to be one of the most expensive pieces you purchase for your house. So, it doesn’t matter if you have the best rug. It is equally important to know how to position a rug correctly. You have to place the right rug at the right place in your home.

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